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    Replacing the Subs

    Pardon me while I share an anecdote. Although quite dated I think it may be illustrative. I was a very junior MARE/MS going through the training process. At some point, an effort was made to convince a few of us trainees that the submarine fleet (Oberons at the time) was the way to go...
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    Replacing the Subs

    [Sarcasm] My guess is that there is a huge number of people in the DND bureaucracy with 20 years to retirement. Right now they are thinking of every way to spin out this procurement and ride that gravy train right to the golden handshake.
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    Have your say on the future of Canadian Military Colleges: Review Board launches consultations with Canadians online portal

    Has this been cross-posted to Reddit? I don't have an account over there. Some of the good folks who contribute to that conversation might want to add their two cents on the future of military colleges.
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    Replacing the Subs

    As noted above, supporting a fleet of SSNs requires huge infrastructure and much of that would have to be civilian. As lovely as I am sure it is, I am not sure that the several hundred (or maybe several thousand) required nuclear industry professionals would give up their positions...
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    France hands over command of SNMG2 to the Royal Canadian Navy

    hated is a bit strong. Found those guys a bit annoying at times, but not really hated. :)
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    Replacing the Subs

    You are correct about the infrastructure. Nuclear security teams are similar to police SWAT units. Heavily armed (by Canadian standards), well trained and highly regulated. Additional infrastructure requirements: Environmental monitoring. Emergency planning and response. Regulatory...
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    Military firefighter

    Not to distract from this useful thread, but do they still have firefighters standing by during helo ops? If so, who does that role? Just curious. I was unaware of this change (I have been out of uniform for a long time). Thanks.
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    I want to hear about where your interest for the military comes from!

    I come from a poor and dysfunctional family. ROTP was my ticket away from that.
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    Which U.S. College Major is the Worst for Finding a Job?

    Agree with Mr Eaglelord17. I worked for 30 years as a licensed professional engineer and am now semi-retired. I think I have a pretty good grasp of applied math, science and chemistry and could likely teach senior high school and pepper the lessons with lots of real-world applications. How...
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    Which U.S. College Major is the Worst for Finding a Job?

    Young people today have a reasonable chance of living to be 100 years old. I don't know why we (as a society) force them to make choices when they are perhaps 16 years old that may impact their entire lives. I think more young folks should be encouraged to travel, volunteer, 'gap year', join...
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    Happy 100th birthday to the RCAF

    Like most Navy folks, I used to mock the shipborne air department as was the fad. But during Gulf War I those guys more than pulled their weight. Much respect for what they did and do.
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    A billion years ago we had nurses onboard one of the ships for a while (acknowledging that was a unique circumstance). Just curious: do nurses posted to Halifax and Esquimalt still have the opportunity to be posted to ships and travel the world? So for the person asking, IF the answer to...
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    Canada doesn’t matter to the rest of the world - and it’s our own fault

    My experience is decades old and I would generally agree with you, with the caveat that perhaps education / training should perhaps be included in that list. A military job that is adventurous, dangerous and gives you skills / training to set you up in a career (within the military.... or...
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    Everything KeLouJoH knows [Split from other threads]

    I would tell this person that they have a reasonable chance to live to 100 years old and may reasonably have a 40 year working career. I would say forget about your 'career' until you are 30. In the interim, go to school, read poetry, travel the world, go on the road with a rock band and do...
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    Office Production Paths - CFR or Bust?

    I came from a pretty messed up and financially stressed family. As a teenager, the only way I could see to get a university education was ROTP / RMC. I think the RMC intake includes quite a number of kids for whom this was the only path to higher education. Closing that pathway would (from...
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    Happy National Physician Assistant Day

    I don't know if (in my day) the shipboard medics were PAs or some other similar trade but I found them consistently helpful, knowledgeable and dedicated.
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    A Leaky Sieve: Retention in the ADF

    In theory, I like that approach. In practice, it is tricky. The tricky part is getting Irving (or any other contractor) to take responsibility and show the same level level of commitment, dedication and focus on the outcome as the ship's company. My experience is dated, but certainly...
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    Air Force major charged in firearms bust in Kingston, Petawawa

    Perhaps, but also perhaps arrogant. Without evidence, I speculate he thought he could do this and get away with it.....
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    “ADF so bloated with star-ranked officers that its combat effectiveness is at risk” - Research paper

    A walk around the goes beyond the limits of bridge, wardroom, ops room and CO's cabin :) Too many NWOs are afraid of machinery spaces.