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  1. phantomofthemuppetshow

    recent cfat and interview.

    Hi Sean: Recently read your post on what not to do to get on the dark side of the Master Corporal. I was curious to know what it was that transpired. Here in Winnipeg, a number of years ago ('84 I believe) I witnessed two people get a serious and stern lecture about the necessity of honoring the...
  2. phantomofthemuppetshow

    recent cfat and interview.

    Hi there: It is rather interesting what comes out of our past when we are examined for different reasons. The doctor who attended to me after my motorcycle collision in 1986 (out on the highway) asked me later in the year when I broke my rib...to this I had no response...only thing that I could...
  3. phantomofthemuppetshow

    Looking for friends of John Walker (leading seaman)

    Hello: My father is in his 70's and served on the tribal class destroyers out on the east coast. He also served briefly on the Bonaventure. He was on two different destroyers: the HMCS Nootka (1954-1957), the HMCS Algonquin (1960-1963) and the HMCS Bonaventure (1967-68). He hails from Quebec...
  4. phantomofthemuppetshow

    Nothing left but the waiting

    Greetings brothers and sisters: I am awaiting "the call" as well. My application began last October and I submitted the last of the medical documentation to the Recruiting Office in early July; completed my interview around that time and was told to call back in a couple of weeks. When I did...
  5. phantomofthemuppetshow

    Recruiting Targets and Statistics

    Thanks Crantor for the refresher :) dale
  6. phantomofthemuppetshow

    Over a year in the making...and counting

    Greetings bro. I was reading your post and want to say "DON'T LOSE HOPE". In my case, I began enrollment last October with my on-line application. Thereafter I was called for test dates, interview and the like in January. I passed everything except the medical because of my eyesight. My response...
  7. phantomofthemuppetshow

    Recruiting Targets and Statistics

    Greetings. I know the last time that I went down to the recruiting office here in Winnipeg for my interview and to furnish them with a Dr.'s report), the target numbers for new recruits verses actual recruits were posted up for everyone to see. While I am unable to recall specifics about the...
  8. phantomofthemuppetshow

    Military training; from civilian to Lt.

    Signals was first choice and Infantry was second.
  9. phantomofthemuppetshow

    Military training; from civilian to Lt.

    Greetings. I had a question I was unable to find an answer to and was curious to see whether anyone could assist in that respect. I know that the BMQ and the SQ can be done consecutively in one summer. For those who are looking to become officers in the reserves, I was wondering if the phase 3...
  10. phantomofthemuppetshow

    Is anyone going to Reserve Communications BMQ/SQ this summer?

    Greetings Amyliak: The phantom (aka dale) says hello! I spoke with a Captain at the recruiting office in Winnipeg (he is from Signals). He did not sound optimistic that the BMQ would work for me this summer. What was encouraging was the fact that I could join the unit in Winnipeg in the fall and...
  11. phantomofthemuppetshow

    Is anyone going to Reserve Communications BMQ/SQ this summer?

    Greetings. I thought I'd drop you a note and say hello. Although I am not from Ottawa but rather Manitoba, it is nice to see people with similar choices around. My first choice was Infantry and second was Signals but as time goes on, I find myself leaning more towards that second choice...
  12. phantomofthemuppetshow

    Thank you army.ca

    Greetings to the resolute person whose aspiration is to join Armor! I thought I would share my story as well. After 2 fuzzy University degrees and a lifetime of mediocre fitness, I took a very blue collar job last summer that placed unheard of demands on my upper body to get in better shape. My...
  13. phantomofthemuppetshow

    The First Sign of Canadian Spring....rrrrrrroll up the rrrrrrrrim (merged topic)

    Here where I reside (just a short drive out of Winnipeg), we have our own "sure fire signs of spring", apart from Tim Horton's coffee. As an aside to this, my father-in-law claims that Starbucks coffee "is stronger than beer" (not certain how he'd know this since he doesn't drink alcohol! My...
  14. phantomofthemuppetshow

    Does the CF need any Baby Boomers?

    Greetings Missy Bee: Follow your dream! For nearly 17 years, I worked at a dead end job building aircraft and disliked most of it. I left in 2002 to pursue a teaching career and while that has had its rewarding moments, I find my self restless in the classroom (I know; its pretty bad, huh?). At...