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  1. delicious_in_t_o

    So, the superbowl is on.

    You can watch the ads on you tube...rate them even ;)  I think my fav was Fist Bump. Too funny  ;D http://www.youtube.com/superbowl
  2. delicious_in_t_o

    For The Ladies - Demystifying Men

    Aww sugar, don't you know to never turn your back on a woman (particularly if you've made her mad)? Btw - I'm not sure if posting this link was a request to be spanked or a need to be verbally battered...?  :-*
  3. delicious_in_t_o

    Tim Hortons in Theatre Merged Thread (in AFG, no plans to preposition)

    I actually did before I posted...it says 0 results when I searched "Tim Hortons" but just to be sure I checked again and wouldn't you know it that pesky little apostrophe made a big difference (Tim Horton's) - found it! Sorry bout that - I should have been more diligent in checking. Thanks PoPo...
  4. delicious_in_t_o

    They owe us

    AGREED...First with laughter (cause who doesn't stand at Harvey's and for One. Second. Think UH..) and then intellectually I agree I agree I agree!! In some ways due to our past relationships (politically y speaking) with the UK and now the US, Canada seems to be experiencing a bit of the middle...
  5. delicious_in_t_o

    Tim Hortons in Theatre Merged Thread (in AFG, no plans to preposition)

    Hi there, Just wanted to know if anyone had info regarding gift certificates purchased in Canada whether or not they are valid at the Tim's on the base in AFGHANISTAN? Thanks! DS :salute:
  6. delicious_in_t_o

    For The Ladies - Demystifying Men

    See?  Paracowboy was right...all I did was MENTION what I will now refer to with total reverence only as "THE THREE" (for those who are just joining in or for those who are reeeeeally slow that is 1. Boobs 2. Beer 3 Pizza (sandwiches - whatever) and I got a proposal?! Where has this BEEEEEEEEN...
  7. delicious_in_t_o

    "Sex and Pancakes Don't Mix"

    Ah yes...that old saw ::) Oldie but goodie...  "Sex and Pancakes Don't Mix A couple in Romania both visited the hospital after an experiment in sex and cooking went awry. The woman was giving her partner oral sex while he made pancakes. He spilled hot oil down her back, and she...
  8. delicious_in_t_o

    For The Ladies - Demystifying Men

    Okay hang on...I'm of the species and even I'm getting confused.  How did we get from Paracowboy explaining the key to understanding men to Tiffany's? No wonder you fellas are confused.  I'm not sure about jewelry, it's not really my thing (though I feel ya Libr!) I've always been more of an...
  9. delicious_in_t_o

    For The Ladies - Demystifying Men

    Hahahaa...Well written!  I think I will create a little cheat sheet for myself when I find myself wondering WHYYYYYYYYYY.  It reminded me a bit of a joke I heard ages ago.  It goes something like... How to Impress a Woman: 1) Wine her. 2) Dine her. 3) Call her. 4) Hug her. 5) Hold her. 6 )...