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  1. wesleyd

    Anyone know when our MOS review might be complete?

    Fortunately I didn't lose any money. May pay was protected at the PO2 spec 2. But in reality feel like I am losing money. I earned my promotion just like everyone else does, and the whole time I was working towards it the pay raise was a motivator. I think the situation is unfair. The effective...
  2. wesleyd

    Anyone know when our MOS review might be complete?

    I was promoted to PO1 (and I was assuming I would be bumped up to Spec2 level zero at the new rank) from PO2 Spec2. My pay is exactly the same as the day before I was promoted. No incentive level. No raise. I understand that when the review is complete any pay I am owed will be back dated. IF...
  3. wesleyd

    Anyone know when our MOS review might be complete?

    Anyone hear when this might be done? It would have been nice to get a raise after my promotion, but until the review is done I get the same amount I did as my lower rank. Bitter pill to swallow. Also wondering if recruiting centers have adjusted their "Pitch" for this trade. Spec pay was a...
  4. wesleyd

    T4 now available on EMAA

    I had the same issue just keep going back to it I think they are uploading the files. Later on in the day mine worked.
  5. wesleyd

    Home Equity Assistance & "Military Families Pushed to Financial Ruin" (Merge)

    I think the way that HEA is calculated as well should be reviewed. It should be based on the required appraisal amount, not on purchase price. Unless the member is familiar to the rules prior to purchasing a home, they will find out the hard way when they apply for HEA basing their application...
  6. wesleyd

    Redress of Grievance – Mega thread [MERGED]

    Read the CFPAS handbook, use it and apply it to your situation. Then go speak with your supervisor with your case, along with any documentation you may have. If it comes to a redress and you have a valid case it may go your way. Then again it may not. Because you see things one way does not...
  7. wesleyd

    Veterans being ‘kept in the dark’ when applying for disability benefits: Ombudsm

    The process is flawed. For example when you make an application you are asked to describe your disability and how it affects life etc. From my denial of claim letter I knew that the things that I had written down weren't even taken into consideration. I received a phone call from a local VAC...
  8. wesleyd

    VIP Reassessments

    Yup, I was in for an assesment with a VAC Dr. and was told that I should apply for VIP, but I will not recieve it until after I am released. Until then CF will be on the hook for it. Not sure how the process is supposed to work. Sure hope they don't tell me to suck it up when I ask for...
  9. wesleyd

    HELP! I need get out of submarines

    You can submit a memo with a request form to return to general service. Not sure why there would be a CRB unless there is more to the issue. Such as you are under training and delinquent. If you are under training you need to get that done before requesting anything. Posting from submarines to...
  10. wesleyd

    Veterans Review and Appeal Bd: pressure to reject claims, spying, junkets (MERGED)

    I asked for all information regarding to my trade online, I'll check the link tomorrow at work on DWAN. I wrote an email to a Major in Ottawa. He asked me which duties I had carried out in my trade and a few days later he had the link with job descriptions for each job I had done in my trade. It...
  11. wesleyd

    16 Week Decison Timeline

    Just the form for the application and your MPRR and a photocopy of you ID card. I did need to go to the hospital about a month into the process to get copies of my docs so I could hand deliver them to the VAC office, DND was taking their time getting around to sending them the files.
  12. wesleyd

    Care & Control/ Refuse to breathalyze

    You are clearly in denial. If you were having a social drink you would have planned ahead, or just taken the breathalyzer. Seek help through counseling. Get your supervisor involved let him know you have a problem and need help. This is not a wrong place wrong time issue. You made a choice now...
  13. wesleyd

    16 Week Decison Timeline

    Just an update in case anyone is curious. The decisions were complete before the 16 week deadline. Two were awarded and one was denied. Just need to get some more info from DR.'s and I will ask for a departmental review. Thanks for the feedback though. PS; everyone I have dealt with at VAC have...
  14. wesleyd

    Ship's Boarding Party [Merged]

    Not sure if this is on topic. I was on deployment in the Gulf years ago. The BOSUN's were teaching people how to fire .50 Cal so they could man the weapon during choke point transits. One particular person would not fire the weapon as they were afraid that they might kill some fish as they shot...
  15. wesleyd

    Medical Release ( merged )

    It really depends on your personal situation. I would recommend getting treatment. Meds are not the only way to do this. If your injury is CF related you may be entitled to a disability award and other benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada. Have you gone to your local IPSC? Used to be SPHL...
  16. wesleyd

    Financial Planning for Retirement

    Umm, so where have you been receiving your paycheque from during you time in service? I know mine comes from the government. And yes I use it to pay my mortgage and other things. Are you saying I am making bad financial decisions by using my pay to pay for a mortgage? Really?
  17. wesleyd

    Pension contributions to increase to 50:50

    Yes it mentions there retirement age is changing nothing about pension contributions or how much they recieve after they serve, I may be off a bit, seven years. I think they are entitled to 70% pension, and after 3 years they are entitled to a 70,000 severance package.
  18. wesleyd

    Entitled to Treatment Benefits but not Disability Benefits?

    I just received my decision letter I have to see a VAC doctor before they can calculate the level of disability award they can give me, or not give me. Thanks for the info though.
  19. wesleyd

    Entitled to Treatment Benefits but not Disability Benefits?

    Not vocrehab the disability award ,used to be pension. I haven't recieved a decison yet through the mail, it is complete I just dont know either way and they can't tell me over the phone. On my VAC website account you can see which benefits you are entitled to. Mine only indicates treatment...