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  1. ShaunaS

    Prior Learning Assessment Review( PLAR ) FAQs

    Hi Armyhca, Not having prior military experience does not negate the need for a PLAR; it could actually benefit you greatly WRT training. 1. Dependant on what is determined to be equivalent prior learning(my unqualified opinion is that you have lots :nod:), you could be granted a partial or...
  2. ShaunaS

    All about LTA (merged)

    http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/about-policies-standards-benefits/ch-209-transportation-expenses.page#sec-209-50 http://www.njc-cnm.gc.ca/directive/index.php?lang=eng&svid=248-23 Above are links for CBI 209.50, which covers LTA entitlements and eligibility, and the NJC's low kilometric rate. There...
  3. ShaunaS

    rms clerk and aptitude test

    You must meet the minimum cut-off score at the 30th percentile for Problem Solving. IIRC, the math portion was not overly complicated; if you've got half a brain, and the desire to improve your skills prior to taking the test as you have mentioned, you should have no issues far surpassing the...
  4. ShaunaS

    Apply For School Funding Without COC

    If you're on the DIN, the below link is the application process you have to go through. I recommend speaking with your PSO regarding your educational goals, as well as reading the previously mentioned Mil Pers Instr 17/04 to see eligibility etc. ...
  5. ShaunaS

    January 27 BMQ

    The LS walking us through our paperwork today said jeans(no holes) and a collared/polo should would be appropriate. The majority of people sworn in with me today were for 19 platoon..I'm curious and very excited to meet everyone else on course with us.
  6. ShaunaS

    January 27 BMQ

    My flight arrives in MTL at 1217 but apparently I am on the shuttle scheduled for 2000. If anyone wants to hang out at the airport with me for 8 hours, I am so down.  :nod: Also, platoon 0020E !
  7. ShaunaS

    January 27 BMQ

    Borden is about a half an hour from Barrie, which is where I live now.  I've heard from friends on course that getting away on weekends is refreshing, as there isn't much to do on base. Having a vehicle makes the drive to the city that much easier. Although within the last year, city transit now...
  8. ShaunaS

    January 27 BMQ

    I'm also flying out of TO. Guess I'll see ya there!
  9. ShaunaS

    January 27 BMQ

    I accepted my offer for RMS on Friday. Fly out on Jan 25th..see you folks there! :)
  10. ShaunaS

    "Long term hold"?

    Hi all, I had a question maybe one of you might be able to help me out with. I have gone through my CFAT, interview and medical already. I had a concussion within a year of my medical so I needed a form from my family doctor saying I was free and clear from any residual damage. Check. I faxed...