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  1. Neolithium

    Jeffrey Deslisle-former RCN, convicted of spying

    Not safer just a little more broke due to having to pay for the polygraphs and the personnel to administer the tests.
  2. Neolithium

    "Do you carry a pocketknife? "

    It's precisely sad stories like that which keep my Leatherman MUT on my belt at all times.
  3. Neolithium

    Recruiting/ Application Process

    The entire CFRC Det is closed down for training?  ???
  4. Neolithium

    Recruiting/ Application Process

    I'd suggest calling the CFRC that is handling your file to follow up.
  5. Neolithium

    Credit Check Superthread- Merged Topics

    Just wanted to add something to your post as this was the route I personally had to take as well.  Check your local phone book for debt counseling services; there should be at least a few free ones that will have a quick interview with you and contact the companies you owe money to and can roll...
  6. Neolithium

    Personal Story

    That's terrible news.  My condolances to you and your family.
  7. Neolithium

    I damaged DND vehicle, need advice

    I just drive the speed limit.  Someone wants to get into a collision I refuse to let it be my fault.  I've been temped many a time to slam on the brakes, but in the end I find it not worth it.
  8. Neolithium

    Neil Armstrong, 1930-2012, R.I.P.

    RIP Neil.  History will always remember Apollo 11.
  9. Neolithium

    Voluntary Release Questions

    From what I can remember, the only memos that have a "set in stone" timeline for turnaround are those that deal with harassment-type complaints, or those that go to the CF Ombudsman.  Unfortunately I don't have access right now to the DIN. One thing that a former colleague of mine did though...
  10. Neolithium


    http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dgcb-dgras/pd/lea-con/cflpm-mprcfc-eng.asp Here is a link to the leave manual for your convenience.
  11. Neolithium

    Long stretches of Leave w/o Pay? (merged)

    Not sure but at my old unit I was one of the people who went to pick up a member from DB, day after we were at the clerks having him get his ration remit to boot.  ::)
  12. Neolithium

    Security clearance and interviews

    This is an outstanding attitude which will undoubtedly help with your endeavour towards a military career.
  13. Neolithium

    Security clearance and interviews

    Bah, I had a nice paragraph going but I don't want to feed the troll. OP - The best I can give you is keep your eyes on the goal and stay clean.  Ask the individuals who are handling your file the best course of action and just go with it - good luck!
  14. Neolithium

    Public Service Health Care Plan PSHCP [Merged]

    Thank you kindly for the correction.  I was way off in how I was reading it and your info helped clear it up nicely.
  15. Neolithium

    Public Service Health Care Plan PSHCP [Merged]

    Thanks for the links as well everyone, I think I may have to go visit my clerks for clarification because unless I'm really reading my pay stubs wrong it looks like my PSHCP deductions are $112 a month.
  16. Neolithium

    Stripping Parade boots.

    I've just always used hot water and elbow grease for my boots. I've heard of people using nail polish remover but haven't tried it personally so don't consider this an endorsement for that path.
  17. Neolithium

    Who'll be the next CDS? Speculation here, please!!

    Thanks, now I have to clean my keyboard.  :nod:  I've had a hard time figuring out who it was exactly he reminded me of, and now you've given it to me!
  18. Neolithium

    How's life as a CF member after basic?

    Gets better.  Had some ups and downs but I'm enjoying my current job a great deal and consider every step along the way to get here was worth it.
  19. Neolithium

    Communicating with your Spouse

    I can't necessarily speak for whats going through your husbands mind, however when I was gone to BMQ, on PAT for a year waiting for my DP1, I didn't have much of a chance to really hang on the phone, even with weekends off.  I suppose it came across as distant but more often than not I was...
  20. Neolithium

    Age Limits to Join

    Any job which gives you a reference that shows you're a person willing to work hard and learn, will be help you in getting selected.  A gun store specifically giving you the edge above any others, I can't speak to, that's out of my lane.