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  1. clasper

    A scary strategic problem - no oil

    Actually the "Lower Tertiary" as the article calls it is only about 60 million years old.  If you divide 20,000ft of sedimentary rock by 60,000,000 years, you end up with about 0.1mm accumulation per year.  If you think about how long it takes to accumulate 0.1mm of dust on your shelves, it...
  2. clasper

    Worldcup 2006 (Note: May contain spoilers if you are recording games)

    And the streets of Paris are going wild!!!!!!!!  I'm amazed at how thoroughly les bleus dominated Brazil.  Portugal (who couldn't generate any offence even though they were up a man for over an hour) shouldn't be much of a problem in the semi-final if France stays in this form.
  3. clasper

    Re: RIP forces.gc.ca/forum/forum (Army Discussion Forums) The Continuing Saga

    ...hundering rhino, but at least she f...
  4. clasper

    A scary strategic problem - no oil

    And since most of those companies are owned by the sultan's brother instead of shareholders, they are run inefficiently, and tend to waste their resources (ie oil reserves).  BP, Shell, and Chevron do a much better job of managing their reservoirs and getting the most out of their production...
  5. clasper

    A scary strategic problem - no oil

    Actually the price of oil in current dollars is less now than it was during the 70's.  How does that imply that oil is harder to come by? There is truth in this statement, but defining "easy oil" is problematic.  Drilling two miles beneath the surface has been common for decades.  The deepest...
  6. clasper

    The 2006 Tory Budget

    And the absence of Flaherty and the Tory MP who was scheduled to speak first doesn't say anything about their professionalism and duty?  ;)
  7. clasper

    Would Mandatory National Service make the CF stronger?

    Just happens to be where I live... I've also talked to some Scandinavians about their experiences (although not as many), and they don't see it as a great benefit either.
  8. clasper

    Would Mandatory National Service make the CF stronger?

    Living and working in France, I've had the opportunity to discuss their national service with many of my colleagues.  Most people had to serve a year in the military, although the rich or well-educated could do a two-week basic, followed by a year working for a French national company overseas...
  9. clasper

    Army.ca Wiki

    Just added my favourite branch.  Even resisted the urge to add a section of jokes about military intelligence and other oxymorons...
  10. clasper

    Who do you like for Liberal leader?

    I don't remember anyone saying the Liberal party was doomed, but I do remember the leadership convention that year when the party decided that Jean Chretien was yesterday's man.  If they follow the same pattern, John Manley or Brian Tobin will win the leadership convention in 2009...
  11. clasper

    Do we need an Army Wiki?

    Nature's study had some rather serious flaws in methodology.  Britannica's rather vicious response is here: http://corporate.britannica.com/britannica_nature_response.pdf
  12. clasper

    The writing is on the wall

    Here I sit in stink and vapour Some f***ing moron used all the paper Here I wonder, here I linger Oh what the hell! I'll use my finger
  13. clasper

    A scary strategic problem - no oil

    Further to my last about national oil companies behaving less than rationally: http://www.rigzone.com/news/article.asp?a_id=31765 Edit: just noticed that tomahawk6 posted the same article here: http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/42915/post-0.html
  14. clasper

    A scary strategic problem - no oil

    Unfortunately this isn't true.  The major oil companies (BP, Shell, ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil, etc.) are all publicly traded, but they control fewer reserves than major resource holders controlled by national governments in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and elsewhere.  Many of these...
  15. clasper

    'Canadians only' policy for Mississauga

    Actually, compared to other western countries, it is quite easy to obtain Canadian citizenship- only 3 years of residency.  I lived in the US for over 3 years, and still wasn't even in a position to get a green card (which is a necessary first step before obtaining citizenship several years...
  16. clasper

    No Media at Repatriation of Fallen

    And the CBC has asked... http://www.cbc.ca/story/world/national/2006/04/26/soldiers-return-media060426.html
  17. clasper

    'Canadians only' policy for Mississauga

    It is definitely more difficult to learn new languages as an adult, but it is definitely not impossible.  I personally know hundreds have people who have learned a second (or third, or fourth) language as an adult, and there are millions more out there.  If you have been living in a country for...
  18. clasper

    For those opposed to actions in the middle east

    Collin.T: I'm not saying it never happens, but Americans frequently disguising themselves as Canadians in Europe is an urban legend.  I happen to live in the most frequented tourist destination in the world, and I tend to meet backpacking college kids on a weekly basis throughout the summer.  I...
  19. clasper

    Making Canada Relevant Again- The Economic Super-Thread

    This guy has got to be joking.  The author just ruined the entire article by demonstrating what ridiculous rose-coloured glasses he sees the world through.  I've heard many words used to describe Bush's budgets, but "lean" isn't one of them.
  20. clasper

    Civie career after RMC?

    Funny... when I was accepted to Queen's, they told me they were educating Canada's leaders of tomorrow.  I'm sure McGill and U of T (as well as every other university) tell their students the exact same thing.  But keep knocking that ring!  :boring:  At least it lets us know who you are. ;)