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  1. scm77

    Why are we importing dead Canadian soldiers?

    It appears you are correct.  There are 580 "guests" viewing this site right now, and 113 of them are reading this thread.
  2. scm77

    Why are we importing dead Canadian soldiers?

    Here's the comments for his poll. http://bourque.freepolls.com/cgi-bin/pollresults/068/comments.html
  3. scm77

    Why are we importing dead Canadian soldiers?

    Am I the only one who finds this headline extremely tasteless?  >:( Check out: http://bourque.com/ They will change it eventually as newer stories come up, so I've attached a picture so everyone can see. (click for hi-res) Bourque.com is a site that posts links to news articles and other...
  4. scm77

    Afghan Poll shows that they think security is better.

    Interesting study, but here is what gets put in newspapers... Afghan life no better, say locals By SUE BAILEY, CP QALAT, Afghanistan -- Five years after the Taliban's fall, leaders from the sun-baked mud villages around Qalat, an ancient town near Kandahar, say life isn't much better. They...
  5. scm77


    :'( 33-24 Montreal. Looked like it was going to be a blowout but it turned out relatively close.  Michael Bishop played great, once again. Two TD passes, and a long drive that ended with a TD for Ricky Williams, but it wasn't enough.  :(
  6. scm77


    Two big comebacks in the games today.  Canadian Football at it's finest! :)
  7. scm77


    Best game I've ever been to. :) Second half looked like it was going to be the same ineffective Argos offense until Bishop came in and threw a TD on his very first snap.  Winnipeg fumbles, and Bishop throws another one soon after. Next stop Montreal!
  8. scm77

    Downloading videos from sites

    http://javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php This website allows you to download videos from youtube and many other video sites (google video, myspace, metacafe etc).  It saves them as a .flv file, so you'll need a program that can play that type of file.  I use this one. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
  9. scm77

    Shamrock or Ortiz tonight?

    As much as I hate him, Tito Ortiz will probably win.  Can't wait to Ortiz get his ass beat again by Chuck Liddell in December.
  10. scm77

    20 meter Beep Test -Merged

    This one might be better.  There was no mention of the distance on the site I found it on, but when you listen to it, about 1:30 in it says that it's for 20m. http://www.uswebfoundry.com/robanna/bleeptest/BleepTest.mp3 Hope that helps.
  11. scm77

    This makes my Blood Boil

    It's fake. ;) http://www.snopes.com/music/artists/ordered.asp
  12. scm77

    IDF: Bad Maps Led to 25 Jul 06 Strike on UN Post in LBN

    Interesting video that shows how close some of the Hezbollah bunkers were to the UN positions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0VeMV-BAaY&NR (about two minutes into it)
  13. scm77

    Humour: NDP policy on Afghanistan

    Osama Bin Layton
  14. scm77

    Friendly Fire Incident - Sept

    Thank you recceguy and HitorMiss. Just to clarify something recceguy edited into my post.  I do not agree nor did I intend to imply agreement with the part of the of the letter I had bolded.  I'm sorry if that is how it looked.
  15. scm77

    Friendly Fire Incident - Sept

    My apologies HitorMiss.  After Tomohawk6's news article was posted I thought it was ok to post other articles. I've deleted the post.
  16. scm77

    Friendly Fire Incident - Sept

    http://www.canada.com/components/print.aspx?id=465f0147-d3b2-4c63-bc21-09bb93d896bc I've removed the letter, but not the link. It was not removed because someone didn't agree with it, but because it was posted without explanation and a provocative bolded statement, implying agreement. It is a...
  17. scm77

    Thank you for your support! Pics from Baghdad

    Great pictures Wes.  Stay safe over there. :salute:
  18. scm77

    Revamped DND/CF site

    Looks better than the old one.  The banner across the top that says "National Defense and the Canadian Forces" is pretty weak though.  The font is very basic and the maple leaf looks all jagged.
  19. scm77

    Famous Pictures

    Here's a bigger version. (click the thumbnail for full size)