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  1. McD

    Combat Engineers

  2. McD

    BMQ Nov 2010

    I swear in the week after this and haven't received this package either. I was concernEd because a year ago my brother had this package mailed to my place where he was staying.  When I called the other day to firm up timings I was told to not worry about it and essentially that who I was...
  3. McD

    BMQ Nov 2010

    JB 11.. I believe I was Merit Listed sometime in early April for Combat Engineer. I start the 2nd week of Nov. Things were sealed up for me as well.  Keep your head up.  It'll come.
  4. McD

    Winter BMQ

    ...March of the Penguins... Id like to play Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit for cash against you guys.
  5. McD

    BMQ Nov 2010

    I haven't heard from them but I called about 2 weeks ago, only because I knew I would be really busy with work/ on the road for a while, and it was all confirmed that it was good to go. It feels like I won the lotto. This means a lot to me, and I am so very much appreciative of this coming...
  6. McD

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    First post to this thread....beaten to the punch
  7. McD

    Mathematics applying/within the Forces.

    If you don't use it, you lose it. It's been covered that no one whose taken can divulge information about. You sign your name to that, as a matter of fact. Try using math in your every day life. Precalculate tax before you purchase things, stop using calculators to shed the dependancy we all...
  8. McD

    Living Quarters and Free Time

    You're correct, investments and overall financial management and planning isn't helpful. Took me days to finish the 10 pages in that ,you're good.
  9. McD

    Living Quarters and Free Time

    Search found; http://Forums.Army.ca/forums/threads/26093.0.html Dont buy things you dont need. Best way to save. Being single saves a boatload too.
  10. McD

    Living Quarters and Free Time

    I am not going to fight that deal. Not a chance. You wont either paying for your girlfriends airfare. Then again Im used to paying rent over 1.5X that plus food, and cooking if I dont eat out.
  11. McD

    Should Leaders Ever Swear?

    Let it fly, he was pissed and should be. Did he leave doubt to the affected that reckoning will be dealt? Nope. As long as he backs it up. I like it, we are drilled with canned political correctness so much we deflect most of it anyway.
  12. McD

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Congrats !!  Just remember to relax it's serious, yes, but be relaxed. I couldn't sleep the night before mine not a bloody wink , actually for about three days I was all excited like that. Try and get some rest and remain sharp and focused. Look sharp too. If you can remember Coach Boones (...
  13. McD

    "Smitherman: Firefighters should swallow EMS"

    Pretty much the entire United States requires all Firefighters to be at least have their EMT-Basic, if not their EMT - Paramedic. Quite often the EMT - Paramedic must be completed after being hired on anyway. In fact EMT-Basic is a requisite ticket to have in order to start some Firefighter...
  14. McD

    Living Quarters and Free Time

    Trying to put the girl at ease. This will be tougher than anything. Obviously I havent had to deal with balancing military life and a girl, but my current job takes me away alot, unexpectedly, and sometimes for weeks or months at a time. My advice here, plan ahead, expect the worse case...
  15. McD

    American on solo mission to kill Bin Laden

    Really? What difference would it make if he killed him, or if a Canadian/Dutch/German/Brit/Aussie bullet took him out My hat is off to this guy, he went over 3 times to try to kill him. Balls. Thats enough to say this "construction worker" had an idea of what he was doing. No? Vigilante? How...
  16. McD

    First time to CFRC

    Hey, a recruiter will likely swing by to fill you in about the path you should take, but if your without wheels CFRC Toronto is extremely easy to access by transit. I dont know where you're coming from but if you can get to York Mills GO Station, or Yorkdale, you can just hop on TTC and be...
  17. McD

    BMQ Nov 2010

    Not to rock any boats here but, Byrd, I hope you worked on trusting people ;) Congrats , see ya there!
  18. McD

    BMQ Nov 2010

    Your powers of deduction are strong and observations astute...But, give them some credit that they can read October, as October, and that they do this for a living. Not saying humans can't make mistakes...But they can over think big time. Good luck.
  19. McD

    References Superthread [Merged]

    Watch out for the girlfriend part, for real....Holy smokes, call me bitter/jaded/disgruntled whatever, that is serious courage there. You never know what they are up to.
  20. McD

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    I always feel bad for the ones at the Stampede, or CNE...They must get a thousand an hour coming and going. Count your blessings.