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  1. agc

    Election 2015

    NDP offers Quebec right to opt out of federally funded programs An NDP government would allow Quebec -- but no other province -- to opt out of new federally funded social programs and receive its share of the money with no strings attached. The policy reflects the NDP's full embrace of...
  2. agc

    Promotion Boards

    Those kind of points tend to vary a bit by trade.  Your career manager brief should include the information you're looking for.
  3. agc

    Why Europe Keeps Failing........ merged with "EU Seizes Cypriot Bank Accounts"

    Sure seems to be the case. From the Economist: Greece signs up to a painful, humiliating agreement with Europe
  4. agc

    Why Europe Keeps Failing........ merged with "EU Seizes Cypriot Bank Accounts"

    From the Telegraph: Greece news live: Germany readies five-year temporary Grexit plan after finance ministers fail to reach agreement
  5. agc

    Aerospace Control Officers-AEC [merged]

    The DL is gone, and there's a new common core done at CFSACO.  While OJE at a Wing or Sqn is preferential, lots of folks end up spending their time at the Div or elsewhere.  I spent 16 months or so waiting while doing my old job in recruiting, but I asked for and got some TD to one of the towers...
  6. agc

    CFB Cold Lake Thread- Merged

    I understand the pay rates are based on what work the CF gets out of its people.  The point is that the job market pays more in different ares of the country based on supply and demand.  This creates a big manning problem here as well, because a lot of techs get recruited by the oil companies. ...
  7. agc

    CFB Cold Lake Thread- Merged

    Then perhaps there should be a mandate to pay market salaries.
  8. agc

    CFB Cold Lake Thread- Merged

    It made the Edmonton paper, but it happened here in Cold Lake.
  9. agc

    CFB Cold Lake Thread- Merged

  10. agc

    CFB Cold Lake Thread- Merged

  11. agc

    US Navy issuing Flame Resistant Coverall Uniform

    Yeah it's too easy to go in one's coveralls, but I think he meant that the ladies want to use the toilet instead ;)
  12. agc

    More and more funnies.. vol: something...

    Absolutely priceless voicemail
  13. agc

    Did anyone say bacon? :D

    Bacon candy
  14. agc

    When is it a Command problem

    Quite correct, sir. QR&O 4.02 (e) QR&O 5.01 (e) QR&O 20.04
  15. agc

    Newfie Lane

    Newfie Lane Naming Offence Surprises Residents Residents who live on a small street in the Halifax suburb of Middle Sackville say they were surprised to learn the name of their road — Newfie Lane — had offended another resident. The Halifax Regional Municipality said it recently received a...
  16. agc

    Release for Religious Reasons

    DAOD 5049-2 - Conscientious Objection
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  18. agc

    Op Attention Danger Pay Reductions?

    CBC just tweeted "@CBCAlerts: DND ordered to reverse plan to cut danger pay for soldiers  . $500 cut proposed because Afghanistan seen as safer #cdnpoli"
  19. agc

    Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )

    If that's the job you want to do, apply for that job, and see what happens.
  20. agc

    Lululemon recalls pants for being see-through

    http://youtu.be/guYcnGKg9Z8 Act now!