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  1. SprCForr

    Ian [Kat] Stevens

    Rip old friend.
  2. SprCForr

    Canadian soldiers suffer frostbite during winter training

    Yup, or decreeing that civ kit under the issue shite was verboten when driving the things. Full credit to John for sticking up for me (unsuccessfully) with the RSM.
  3. SprCForr

    Canadian soldiers suffer frostbite during winter training

    I don't think I've warmed up yet from that one.
  4. SprCForr

    Major (retd) Don Duplisea, RCE

    RiP Don. It was a pleasure to know you.
  5. SprCForr

    The Canadian Peacekeeping Myth (Merged Topics)

    I had (successfully) suppressed that memory. Until now. Gah. :facepalm:
  6. SprCForr

    ISIS using a new IED

    Sparky's beloved Gavins? Say it ain't so! :o
  7. SprCForr

    On Guard 90 and the 'Super Master Corporal's' Training Course

    Yup, different year. IIRC '94-'95 was that pppperiod. The CO directed that the tarps be left on for the road move from Chwk to Suffield for winter warfare. The Bde Comd caught the trail packet at a fuel point east of Calgary. He was livid when he was done questioning me. Of course, my attitude...
  8. SprCForr

    Brass on Brass

    All three of ya owe me a new keyboard!
  9. SprCForr

    "The Last Ship" tv series depicts USN AEGIS destroyer fighting global pandemic

    Whaaa? You mean you can't really drift an Iowa class BB like they did in Battleship? Next thing you know you guys will be telling me Fast and Furious was CGI...
  10. SprCForr

    Life after serving as a Combat Engineer

    Dating yourself WRT Chilliwack would be Bernie and Red on Tuesday night.
  11. SprCForr

    Army Takes On Its Own Toxic Leaders

    Gah! You owe me a screen cleaning. Well done!  ;D
  12. SprCForr

    Old Engineer qualifications

    Yeah, 24 came after 45. The Airfield Engineer split triggered the need to renumber IIRC.
  13. SprCForr

    Old Engineer qualifications

    What ever the current classification for an Army Engineer Officer is. 45B was the classification for the MILE officers that would hit the Regiments. The 45C is slipping my mind, sorry. Too much pot water I guess.
  14. SprCForr

    military style decals/paint...pictures/thoughts?

    The first one is pretty cool. Very creative. Going open top and open wheel is going to make it fun on a gritty road. The second one is alright, not my thing but definitely worth a look. They've definitely made it their own.
  15. SprCForr

    Thoughts on Rum Rations & Field Smokers (From:

    '92 until the summer was great (Dick/Tom era). Then came Carmen...
  16. SprCForr

    Engineering Officer

    For what it's worth it was the main stumbling point 20 years ago too.
  17. SprCForr

    Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE

    Thanks for sharing the pics T6.
  18. SprCForr

    Promotions in the CAF [Merged]

    I know a couple who were back at the turn of the century. Crap. Now I feel old.
  19. SprCForr

    "K" rations and MRE'S

    Down at NEPBAT (Roto 1) for a few weeks. "What's for supper?" "Goat stew." "What's this in my bowl then?" "Huh, that would be part of the tomcat." The sight of those two Nepalese cooks standing on the goat carcass hacking away with an E-tool and tossing the chunks into a boiling pot was a...
  20. SprCForr

    Pay Parade

    I always felt kind of bad for Zwicker at the FOA pay parades during Waincon. Then another got posted in. That one's first intial was after his. Then he got posted out...