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  1. dirtnco

    What's next? (post-Afghanistan)

    Funny I don't recall seeing any Pats in the Gulf when I was there. Then again I was to busy drinking near beer (just puked in my body thinkin about it) and filling sandbags to really notice.
  2. dirtnco

    Flight Line Security - Afghanistan - Do I need to take my rucksack?

    To echo RecceGuy " How the hell does this have anything to do with Flight Line Lecurity"?  Is the header just to attract attention?
  3. dirtnco

    A Year In, And Frustrated

    And the bright red light tracks across the officers back. After alot of years of "doing this stuff"  young dumbass, I have been in the company of some great leaders , and some not so . You would make great boot blackener, only because it wears off after a bit and i can find more. To the staff...
  4. dirtnco

    How NOT to Ask for Help, or Private Davidson's Woeful VAC Journey

    Been a while since i have been here and this is what read! Young man, you really should get on your pony and ride away while you still have whatever thin skin you wish to keep. As for your injury, sorry about your luck, try listening to the advice given.
  5. dirtnco

    Cooks ( merged )

    I beg to differ with Pmedmoe, but you or any other military cook will never be posted to Meaford unless you luck out (hehehehe) and arrive for your SQ. The reason being is the Civvi Hunta that thinks it runs this place will not allow a real maker of the meals to practice his/her chosen trade...
  6. dirtnco


    By all thats alive and holy Lorne, I thought I knew how to properly poke the tiger in the eye but you my friend, well this is impressive. I bow to your courage. Having worked a stint at CFLRS all I can say is I'll stick to the Meaford School for Misguided Youth , as you know we go through many...
  7. dirtnco

    3 RCR pace Stick team Wins Worlds

    The World All Arms Pacestick Competition 2007 3RCR Team wins World Overseas Pacestick Champions 2007 The World All-Arms Pacestick Competition is an annual event held at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England. This event dates back to 1952 when the Royal Military Academy...
  8. dirtnco

    Old Friend

    Looking for Tammy Christensen an old friend from HMCS Quadra Sea Cadet Camp in the 80's. Last known loc. Richmond B.C Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Stew
  9. dirtnco

    Worst last words...

    Pvt. - now to light the immersion burner............. :o 2 LT - in my experience........  ::) Capt - the troops will love it...... ??? and finaly the old Jack - watch this s@#t!!!!!!!! :-X Cheers
  10. dirtnco

    Looking for old friends

    Looking for any members of RCSCC Qu'appell 80-84 in Winnipeg.
  11. dirtnco

    Quick Question re: Advanced Courses

    The Urban Ops COE is in Gtown , but with push on to train the trainer it will soon be taught a unit level as with other courses ie CQCI,Demolitions. We are having Staff who have done the training teach the troops with minimal input from the UOI and it seems to work. Pre Patria
  12. dirtnco

    Support Weapons in actual use.

    Sarejevo 92 81mm illum rds, 7.62 match, multiple SA incidents. 1 RCR 94 TUA secondary armament. and one OP burned up by the Warpig, Atta boy Lorne. 1RCR Durvar 98 .50 to quell riot.  Pro Patria
  13. dirtnco

    Maj. Ike Kennedy

    Looking for any info ref Maj. Ike Kennedy RCA,Black Watch,RCR, and finally Co PWOR? In the mid 80's  he was Ldrsp Coy OC at the Inf School in Gagetown. Any help would be appreciated. Pro Patria 
  14. dirtnco

    Looking for Cornwallis Buds 1989 #8943 9 PL.

    8438 Six pl. Had Mcpl Tim Grifiths PPCLI,Sgt Tom? Ogden RCHA as staff> In all 167 inf wannabes and 1 avn tech (poor sod). Arrived Sept 13 84 Grad Nov 21, Then off to Pet for the fun and games. Pro Patria
  15. dirtnco

    P-COY Germany 88-92

    Looking for any of the old crowd from the Seavers,Sellars,Jorgenson,or Beardsly days. Cheers Stew
  16. dirtnco

    New CADPAT Uniform for the RCR

    Now that the whole world has seen the Skills Coy CQ mascot, it should be known that it was ROYALS that made the beast, and remember if you can't laugh at yourself you might as well just walk into the impact area Pro Patria :dontpanic:
  17. dirtnco

    UNPROFOR Roto 5 - Oct 94 - Apr 95 - 1RCR

    For back copies of the Eight point Star I beleive that you can get hold of The 1st Batt and ask for the final edition. The book has a bunch of photos of the BG at work (and in the case of AAP) play. Pro Patria TOW GUNNER UNPROFOR 94/95
  18. dirtnco

    Canada Goose in cadpat !!!

    After serving on more than a couple Sov Ops near the Circle I can tell you that our kit is only outdone up there by the traditional clothing worn by the locals and the few CRP cadre folks that may be in the area. If I was to complain about any one thing it would be the bulk and lack of mobility ...
  19. dirtnco

    Canada Goose in cadpat !!!

    Well now it seems the children shall be the voice of experience. The type of clothing worn shall dictate your survival time, and it seems with all of your experience you have decided that your jacket that your MOM got you for Xmas is just fine . Son I would invite you to go to the Arctic and...
  20. dirtnco

    "Off the record" vs. "privileged platform"

    I really fail to see what the man said that was so bad. His men are over seas to do a job and taking lives is part of it. Some time people have to sit back and look at the world we live in and some of the" individuals" that think they belong here. Well Done to the General and his men.