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  1. warspite

    Afghan Facts and Fiction?

    Why yes it did make me think.... probably just not in the way you had hoped for, allow me to present my modest views.... Hmm that article did raise many "good" point's (:-X ahhh it burns to say) but it missed one.... namely.... For the supporting side.... A. Its the right thing to do...case...
  2. warspite

    The General Hillier Years. The Merged Superthread

    Huzza for Hillier  :salute:  ;D
  3. warspite

    New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

    fire away
  4. warspite

    Sound off: What are you doing right now? Aside from the obvious being on here..

    eating a butertart and trying to find my folder of papers..... its here somewhere
  5. warspite

    Happy New Year to all!!

    Have a happy new year everybody. ;D
  6. warspite

    The Capital Punishment Debate

    A trek across the artic in the winter(without jackets :o ), should they survive they may have their jail cell for life. Should that prove ineffecient a bullet sure is cheap. Just not hanging, awful way to die, makes me cringe to think bout it.
  7. warspite

    Prince George Flooding - 15 Dec 07

    The river has risen quite a bit as of last night. As for explosives i don't know how well that go over.... personally i'd drive down to watch regardless ;D On another note how would you get the explosives to the river? Cant walk out there and i doubt dropping it would work. Just curious.
  8. warspite

    The sexyness level of various naval things.........

    Off Topic: Well since it seems non frigates are fair game i have to offer one sugestion ;) As for frigates I have always liked the halifax class for looks
  9. warspite

    If you thought man made climate change was bad.......

    To be fair the observation changing the particles state is not applicable to a boiling kettle. It refers to the impossibility of finding the locaion of a sub atomic particle, and how it is impossible because by measuring the location you have altered it etc etc etc.... point is sub atomic...
  10. warspite


    Happy B day Mike  ;D
  11. warspite

    Happy Birthday Sig_Des

    Happy Birthday  ;D
  12. warspite

    DS Interview - Bruce Monkhouse

    hey that my statement  ;)
  13. warspite

    "What if??" A thread for people who like to speculate

    Mike it has to be remembered that hitler was never really interested in conquering westwards ( not say it wouldn't have hapened eventually). He followed what he wrote in his book pretty closely and what he wrote was that he wanted to conquer russia up to the ural mountains.... Now for my what...
  14. warspite

    Quebec government tables 'Anastasia's Law' tightening gun controls

    +5 FSTO  Education is the key, I've been around guns since i was little and if nothing else i have learned that they are not machines for evil, nor are they a toy, they are a tool for a job, that job being to hurl a chunk of metal at a target. People need to realize this. Guns are not...
  15. warspite

    5-year-old brings heroin to day care (MSNBC News)

    The world is becoming a sad sad place.........
  16. warspite

    Test driving new Leos - CBC News

    An excellent article to read thanks for posting it
  17. warspite


    I'll take advantage of my limited time to say.... THREE CHEERS FOR THE OLD LADY HUZZA HUZZA HUZZA :cdnsalute:
  18. warspite

    Bringing Light To the Valley --The Star

    Excellent article, made my day to read it.
  19. warspite

    Another imposter :(

    ....face the ditch :threat:
  20. warspite

    The Children are our future

    This actually made this story a little easier to take. Glad the here the little punk got what he deserved. If he is one of those kids who question and protest everything.... "cause it's like.... their right man.... and they're going to stick it to the man... dude those trees are waving"...