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  1. DOOG

    Canadian Reserve Forces Vs US Reserve Forces

    Greetings.. As I recall, there was a fair amount of shields, batons, face shields and gas guns in Kanasatake in 1990 and they were being used ( practised with) by 2RCR including the Reservists that were augmenting them. As for Reserves being used on Aid to Whomever.. I think it will very much...
  2. DOOG

    "Trading Saber for Stealth" or "Are We a One Trick Pony?"

    Greetings.. Just a point on Militia using AFVs..some of you must have short memories since about 10 or 12 Reserve units just finished up 20+ years of using AFVs. Some had more success than others. In N.B. the 8CH had a troop of class B pers at LFAA TC gagetown to do the maintenance. The troops...
  3. DOOG


    Greetings.. Here is (most of) the article from the Wnnipeg Free Press.. The <Canadian> military is making an emergency purchase of new armoured patrol vehicles as it prepares for its new and risky mission to the Kandahar area in Afghanistan next year. The vehicles, more robust and offering...
  4. DOOG


    Hi Folks.. I just read an article in the "News Link" feature that said the Army was going do a "hurry up" order of a new vehiclel for A'stan. Here is the last para.. Three companies have been selected as potential bidders for the armoured vehicle program. Details on those firms and the...
  5. DOOG

    Civi protesters, repect and the CDS's speech merged topics

    jwsteele.. I play defence when I play ball hockey. The best part of playing defence is screwing up some show off jocks whole day when I take the ball away from him while he is all concentrated up on scoring a goal. What does this have to do with protesters? You have the same rights they do...
  6. DOOG

    Reserves - are they of any value?

    Bitter... MEDAK.
  7. DOOG

    Instead of MGS?

    Zipper.. I like the furniture analogy.. Perhaps the problem is that the "IKEA" stuff is made in Canada and the best "Oak" stuff comes from Europe or South Africa. The idea of having the new cabinets is okay. Being stuck with a really dumb (no doubt political) choice of material kinda sucks...
  8. DOOG

    The DFS Regt & other Future Armoured Regiment ideas

    Matt.. My regt just spent 20 years on Cougars that were usually kept in Gagetown, about 160 kms away. Bringing even a couple of AVGPs down to the Sqn locations a couple of times a year was a real pain, due to the hassle of flat bedding them. Driving was just as bad..they broke. There are no...
  9. DOOG

    BACK PAY??!!

    Bruce..Good for you if you like your OT pay in that manner. This is not OT. It is back pay. Everyone in the CF was informed what the pay raise would be and examples were given. At no time was any mention made of Reservists getting hit harder because of the RPSR systems inability to adapt. This...
  10. DOOG

    BACK PAY??!!

    JUST LIKE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. I got my 15 April pay stub. I got dinged 46 % deductions on the back pay from our pay raise. I got less (retro) into the bank than a Reg Force Cpl! The pay office tells me that the "RPSR" system  reads the 15 April total (which includes 365 days back pay) as if that...
  11. DOOG


    Greetings All.. In ref to the remarks that a unit was getting 6 G-Wagens and another was getting 12..where is this info coming from? I have the spreadsheet in front of me right now with national distribution for all units, reg and res. It says 16 for each and every reserve unit. Later..
  12. DOOG

    Canadian Military Slang

    Hi.. I take exception to anyone caliing a LAV 3 a boat. No props. Not a boat. Cougars/Grizzlies.were the real boats. Long live the boat people..
  13. DOOG

    Canadian Armoured Cavalry

    Greetings 2Bravo.. I like it. Goes right along with the idea of the "Cavalry Corps". It also would allow for even more vehiclular flexibility, depending on the task. Down the road MGS, newer more appropriate Recce vehicles and other stuff could be employed as they come on line.
  14. DOOG

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    Greetings.. One of the most serious problems in this end of the country is the recruiting system is a mess. The recruiters ( I mean the CFRC guys, not the unit people) have convinced themselves that they are doing a great job administering the applications and no amount of proof to the contrary...
  15. DOOG

    The DFS Regt & other Future Armoured Regiment ideas

    Hey Lance.. They should change the name to "Cavalry Corps" then we could start over again, rewrite our Corps doctrine and get another 60 or so years out of it before someone decided to scrap it again..
  16. DOOG

    Question for you Black Berets.

    sargent orochi .. The Armoured Corps has worn black berets since its formation over 60 years ago. The Navy never wore berets until CF unification about 1968. They then were given to wear the CF green beret as were almost every else in the CF, less Armour, Airborne and a few special trades. When...
  17. DOOG

    The "G Wagon" (Iltis replacment for Recce & the Reg Force)

    Hi.. Me again: I am aware that the way an Inf recce unit and a Cav recce unit do their thing is different. I will make one more point (perhaps more).. When we did recce from jeeps everyon in the car was sitting at the same level. Therefore when you moved up on a piece of ground the CC would be...
  18. DOOG

    The "G Wagon" (Iltis replacment for Recce & the Reg Force)

    Greetings Recce people.. I have been running around with an A1 Echelon (Cougar Sqn) up my butt for a few years now so I don't claim to be up on the latest recce practices. I understand where both 12A and R22eRKodiak are coming from. What I would like to know is what about dismounting? Is it easy...
  19. DOOG

    The "G Wagon" (Iltis replacment for Recce & the Reg Force)

    Recceguy. Yeah, you're correct. I have the numbers in front of me. The Inf Recce Pls are getting their own CandR G-Wagens.
  20. DOOG

    C-13... when will they go?

    Hi Folks.. During the month of October we had three units from this brigade go to the grenade range. The first two had 5 duds each and the third unit had two. I have never heard of anything like this in my 34+ years. Way back when we used #36 grenades and had to prime the things we didn't have a...