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  1. Lerch

    Chest Rig preference

    I'm reporting you for archaic thinking :p
  2. Lerch

    6 shot clips for a 9mm revolver

    Moon clips (and half clips) are totally normal for non-rimmed cases like 9mm. Otherwise they cartridge isnt held secure.
  3. Lerch

    Admin panel for FPV

    This may have been discussed in the past but for such a niche item sources are always changing. So anyway, before I go bugging the Mat Techs, is there anyone making a good admin panel for the FPV? The only options I can see so far are CPGear or trying to swap my vest for a new one and getting...
  4. Lerch

    First AR.. kinda

    Welcome to the slippery slope of building your first AR :rofl: Lots of good suppliers for parts; True North Arms, CTC Supplies, Rampart and Red Deer Shooting Centre are my go to for new parts. Basic parts to get work done are a reaction rod or upper vice block, the proper barrel wrench for...
  5. Lerch

    CANFORGEN 168/18 (aka PATCHFORGEN) [Merged]

    When the Army Comd and RSM visited us in Latvia, the RSM was rocking CADPAT wings, so who knows how far that may go in the future.
  6. Lerch

    DA Grizzly Forend

    Silly question, but did you get the nut off the tube? After that you should be able to tap the tube out of the old grip.
  7. Lerch

    CF moving to Multicam?

    I dunno guys, with the way that the last roll-out of new combats turned out, I only forsee guys walking around with CADPAT shirts and MC trousers...and RSM's developing a nervous tic before every parade.
  8. Lerch

    Question about C7A2/Aiming

    Getting back to the OP, is there a reason such as parallax/eye relief that's stopping you from using a magnified optic? Using a 20x scope on a hunting rifle is a bit more magnification than the 3.4x ELCAN, but you can atleast adjust the eye relief by moving the optic back or forth.
  9. Lerch

    NEO's- looking for reviews and feedback

    I'm not even aware of them offering any colors other than black, unless you're going for the food services or EXTRA tall wader type boots.
  10. Lerch

    No 4 Mk 1 Stock Set

    PM sent your way mate.
  11. Lerch

    EOTech CANEX Plan

    I've never heard of somebody Canex planning an EoTech...and that sounds like a terrible idea (because I'd do it), BUT my local Canex did used to sell Nikon scopes and I tossed the last one they had on my plan. So take that for what it's worth.
  12. Lerch

    Locks for Barrack Box / Kit Bags

    If you're actually carrying serialized kit in your MOB box, then by all means, get a heavy duty lock to keep it secure. Otherwise it's totally up to you. It's your kit, so keep it as secure as you're comfortable, whether it's combo or keyed locks.
  13. Lerch

    CF 4 x 4 Vehicles In Winter Warfare Should be Equipped With Track N Go System?

    Eh, it's nice for cross country and all, civvy side for sure...but I've only ever seen them on small-medium trucks, I don't imagine they have anything that'd fit an MLVW or bigger.
  14. Lerch

    Size 15 feet

    I'll just mention that you might or might not get actual boots when you go through CFLRS. A friend of mine that went through with me (in '08 mind you) was issued a weird wrap around boot "thing" until they could get boots ordered in for him. On our last week of course a custom set of Magnum...
  15. Lerch

    DA Grizzly

    The magazine size was also why I picked up a 20" 590A1. Fits 8+1 and performs perfectly in 3-gun competitions.
  16. Lerch

    DA Grizzly

    I've had a 12.5" and 8.5" tube fed Grizzly and never had an issue. My neighbor just picked up a mag fed 18.5" when they were on sale, and enjoys it. If you want a mag fed shotty, you can't really go wrong for the price.
  17. Lerch

    Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It

    Funny that they did this with a new Cherokee and I just bought an old one. Safe again!
  18. Lerch

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    AIFV with a 1m Turret and Canadian plate...trial vehicle?
  19. Lerch

    Primary Reserve Gunner Career Progression

    Oh absolutely, though last I saw WATC doing training they were using C3's. Not too sure where the LG1's ended up...
  20. Lerch

    Primary Reserve Gunner Career Progression

    Bring some good bug repellent and get ready for mosquitos when you get here, we've had alot of snow so there's gonna be alot of standing water... You're DP1 will be physical because you'll be hands on with a C3 and it's a heavy bugger to move, but alot of the course is going to be drill after...