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  1. shaun_bougie

    Conflict of Interest

    Bradboy, I've left the MPs to go to the OPP.  I'll have to caution you on this.  If you think you're going to go to the Military Police, get 6 months of course, do a few years with the MPs and come directly to the OPP, you have something else coming to you. There are only a handful of agencies...
  2. shaun_bougie

    Reg.Unit creating a Class B (Not mata/pata related) how to go about it?possible?

    Rather than start a whole new topic, since my question is along similar lines, I figured I'd post here. I am just looking for benefit information about someone that's on Class B for 89 days and away from family.  Is this person entitled to TD, IR or separation expenses?  I've searched around...
  3. shaun_bougie

    Army Courses List

    Michael, Do you have the DIN link for the courses?  I'm assuming a memo through the chain of command is how one would get onto the mentioned courses? Thanks, Shaun
  4. shaun_bougie

    When in uniform...

    That's because most of our military comes from Nfld or NB  ;)
  5. shaun_bougie

    live from st. jean

    Some things have definitely changed, but with the exception of the 3rd Farnham week and the changing of when weapons was, we did pretty much what you describe in the 10 week course. We also slept in hooches and not the barrakcs and lived off of ration packs for the most part. This was all last...
  6. shaun_bougie

    is your BMQ based on location or is it random?

    Tomas is right, Only the basic training for reservists is done in Borden.  Everything Reg Force is done in St-Jean.  That won't be changing anytime soon.  They're taking the Language School out of the Mega in January to make room for extra recruits for BMQ. Shaun
  7. shaun_bougie

    Something strange going on here.....

    There's a difference between the QL3 course PT mandate and the Basic Training PT. I'm posted to St-Jean right now as an MP and I see what's going on with the courses and the PT doesn't come anywhere near what I did in Borden or what you're describing in Kingston. Shaun
  8. shaun_bougie

    Something strange going on here.....

    Tomas, Trust me, you won't be doing 100-200 pushups a day on course.  You  might do 25 pushups every couple of days, if you're lucky.  Depends on your instructors though.  But when I went through basic, no one was doing 100-200 pushups a day.  That was last year! Shaun
  9. shaun_bougie

    Compassionate Circumstances

    Thanks George. Not a recruit here.  I have time in, I was jus tlooking for information.
  10. shaun_bougie

    Compassionate Circumstances

    Hey everyone. We quite often hear of "Compassionate Circumstances" when dealing with Postings, Courses, Release, Tours etc. Can anyone give a definition of what this means?  I know it's dependant on the individual, but quite often it seems like compassionate circumstances mean someone has to...
  11. shaun_bougie

    Question: Luggage to St Jean

    Feel free to put it in whatever you want.  The point is you don't need a trunk full of stuff to get through basic training.
  12. shaun_bougie

    Question: Luggage to St Jean

    Trunk of stuff????  ::)  I hope you're not planning on bringing a trunk of stuff with you to St-Jean.  The only thing you'll need to bring are about 3 shirts, 3 pairs of pants and enough underwear to get you through the week.  The rest of the stuff you'll be wearing is issued and any other stuff...
  13. shaun_bougie

    The Military Police [MP] Superthread

    Security used to be the term used for Military Police.  Now it's just MP.  However, to confuse you a little bit, there is a Security Branch to the Military Police.  Basically there's Physical Security or Security Protection.  To answer some of your questions, it depends.  Do you mean MP Officer...
  14. shaun_bougie

    Hello From St. Jean

    Hey guess what.....good news for you.  The 13Km march is still in, it still has the ruck sack with it, and there is stuff in the ruck sack.  For whoever thinks that the ruck sack is out, wherever you heard that, it's not true.  I know cause I'm doing the march week after next.  Unless it's a...
  15. shaun_bougie

    Hello From St. Jean

    Hey everyone.  Just wanted to let you all know that I'm having a great time at St. Jean.  I'm in week 7 which means it's test week.  Now things are starting to get tense.  Next week and the week after I'll be in Farnham and then it's grad week.  If you're trying to get here, be very patient and...
  16. shaun_bougie

    Berets and How to Form Them

  17. shaun_bougie

    Gas prices

    86.7 in Timmins, Ontario
  18. shaun_bougie

    It‘s Official :D

    Kirkpatrick, I‘m pretty anxious to leave the sticks :) Not much to do in Northern Ontario, but it‘s still nice here and when given the chance I will be back for sure. Can‘t live without the hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and overall slow pace to life compared to a really fast paced life...
  19. shaun_bougie

    Just got called!!

    Congrats buddy! It‘s an awesome feeling isn‘t it??? :D
  20. shaun_bougie

    It‘s Official :D

    Mat-V Course # 0151 is mine :) I‘m leaving Timmins at 10 and I‘ll be in St. Jean around 4 (landing in Montreal at 1511. Hope to see you there! :D