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  1. rz350

    applying for officer in one trade and NCM in the other?

    Can I do that? Or must all my 3 choices be either NCM or Officer? Just curious.
  2. rz350

    WWII or cold war company level defensive doctrine?

    re: the bayonet strenght link. I do disagree with him on one thing. I think anti tank guns, mortars and machinegunners are as much part of the infantry as are riflemen. (I mean here in Canada, they are all the same MOSID!) They fought, killed and died at the front, regardless of having Mosin or...
  3. rz350

    WWII or cold war company level defensive doctrine?

    Hmm, good link. :D ty
  4. rz350

    F-22 or F-35

    Quite true. I was just throwing it out there, to see if perhaps my inking of aerial warfare was at all correct. But yes, there are ways around that problem, and thinking about it again, they are probably employed. :P
  5. rz350

    F-22 or F-35

    Wouldnt a maritime patrol, recce or EW variant of the ol bear get some intel on the raptor from that? ESP about its Radar Emissions? (So they can update their TEWS to recognize the signature of a Raptor) Yes, I am well aware that the Raptor wouldnt turn its radar on too often as it would give...
  6. rz350

    London teen dedicated to peace

    *sigh* why does this side of left wing and socalist exist. It really stains the rest of us IMHO. Not all of us are anti army, anti goverment wing nuts. Oh well. Hopefully he fizzles out to a life of being a food bank voulenteer or some such nonsense.
  7. rz350

    WWII or cold war company level defensive doctrine?

    awesome stuff! I'm learning a tonne here
  8. rz350

    Does the gun registry help reduce crime?

    my rifles have never so much as been pointed at another human being. (well  my M1 carbine, SMLE and SKS may have...but not in my hands  ;) ) I dont think legal gun owners are the problem. I think the registry should go, and the punishment for cupable homicide/attemp homicide and assault/weapon...
  9. rz350

    WWII or cold war company level defensive doctrine?

    BA, thanks for the link. It has some good info.
  10. rz350

    WWII or cold war company level defensive doctrine?

    Well for FPS. Its more the reactionary squad/section defensive. Just for example holding onto a house against another section sized unit. Where to put my two Degtyaryov 28 MGs? (or my one MG42) Where to put riflemen? Where to put the storm troopers/assault troops with the MP-40 or PPSH? that...
  11. rz350

    WWII or cold war company level defensive doctrine?

    I'm using it for mods of popular computer games. (Basic arcady RTS's like CnC series, Company of Hero's and even starcraft ...starcraft for E.g. Just change the unit stats and ignore the sci-fi graphics) I'll check someof the tabletop stuff too. I already ended up learning basic WWII squad and...
  12. rz350

    WWII or cold war company level defensive doctrine?

    Does anyone have links to to a site with wwII or cold war company level defensive field manual. Western or Eastern bloc, doesn't matter. Just needs to be in English. Also, Battalion and Brigade level as well, if its around. reason? Its silly, but I play some games and game mods that focus on...
  13. rz350

    rz350 ---> argh to zee

    for the lols
  14. rz350

    Internal Lasing: An Alternative to GPS?

    Why not issue a sextant then? Have them use their last known elevation. (from before the GPS broke down) and just take readings from the navigational stars. You would need to know your elevation to use a hovering mirror and a laser as well. The sextant has perfect EMCON. (since its pure passive)...
  15. rz350

    CAN vs US MP's

    Hey, I am just curious if CAN MP's do the same kind of field duties as their US counter parts. I know lots of US MP's and USAF security Forces are doing convoy escort, route recce, and even just basic presence patrols in Iraq. Do Canadian MP's do similar roles/duties in the 'stan, or are they...
  16. rz350

    An Armourer's Classic Top 10 Small Arms

    I'm no armourer, this is purly arm chair general stuff, but here is my top 10 1) SMLE .303 (need I say anything?) 2) Ak-47 and descendants (rugged, versatile, cheap, and EVERYWHERE, its been to hell and back, 10,000 times, and truly is the "classic" assault rifle) 3) 1911. I think it marked the...
  17. rz350

    No Chechen Fighters in Afghanistan

    I can see Chechen's going to A'stan. They seem very dedicated to their cause. (they seem willing to risk capture and horrific treatment by the spooks of the FSB and MVD, and to face down an opponent who really gives no quarter or care about collateral damage) I just hope that Eastern bloc and...
  18. rz350

    Trying to fool me?

    I am over my self...they have no obligation to give me a spot and I know it. But its a volunteer army, and I have no obligation to take a spot I dont want.(if I did, it would be a conscription army) So I figure its fair enough to turn it down, and look at other units, who also do not owe me...
  19. rz350

    Trying to fool me?

    I wasnt trade qualified. What do I have to loose? A whole bunch of time as a Pte/trp when my goal/career path desired is an Officer. But I am easy going with different trades, and 32 CBG has a good 4 trades, and about 8 regiments/units that appeal to me, so I have lots to try. ;) Then there is...
  20. rz350

    Canada's Sex Party. LOL

    aside from the kiddie porn thing, I kind of like them...all them seem to promote is more sex, which, coming from politicians, is about the least amount of "screwing" over the average person I've heard. :P