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  1. NavalMoose

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Does spending more money include buying foreign ships? Not sure how old this pic is though.
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  3. NavalMoose

    Current Dress Regs

    Nailed it.
  4. NavalMoose

    Current Dress Regs

    It was all pretty minor stuff before they made the changes. It always starts with minor changes...death of a thousand cuts...
  5. NavalMoose

    Current Dress Regs

    I don't agree that it's a "giant nothing burger" if, as you say that most of the CAF doesn't like it.
  6. NavalMoose

    King Charles III Coronation Medal

    I was merely curious, but I shall defer to your expertise on anal matters.
  7. NavalMoose

    King Charles III Coronation Medal

    I just had a look at the Coronation Medal, shouldn't The King be facing the other way?
  8. NavalMoose

    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    Apparently he wore a Golden Jubilee Medal that was not awarded to him to protest the "lottery" style granting of this gong. He felt that everyone serving should have gotten one, and he probably felt the same way about the Diamond Jubilee Medal although that is just my opinion. The UK handed...
  9. NavalMoose

    Directives to military chaplains urge expunging God, religion from Remembrance Day, public ceremonies

    Exactly, we've all done it at some point in our careers and no harm was done. If it makes other people feel good, I have no problem sitting/standing through it. We, or at least I, joined to serve after all.
  10. NavalMoose

    Little bit of Naval Aweseome (HMCS OTTAWA ships moral badge)

    Just in my trade. Storesman is fine with me, but we are actually called Material Management Techs now. So "bin rat" is out?
  11. NavalMoose

    New Crown

    You have been "Tudored"
  12. NavalMoose

    New Dress Regs 🤣

    You got that right. Defenders say as long as they can do their job who cares what they look like...I believe that part of "their job" is to give a professional image that Canadians can have confidence in and be proud of. It's too much and will probably come back and bite the CAF in the ass.
  13. NavalMoose

    2023 CAF Recruiting Ad

    I don't know how many times I cried all over my Spec pay and SDA over this...
  14. NavalMoose

    2023 CAF Recruiting Ad

    If it's anything like the navy, once they start issuing them (not Canex bought) they can tell you to wear them instead of your beret.
  15. NavalMoose

    2023 CAF Recruiting Ad

    That's one way for the ladies to get equal pay I guess...:giggle:
  16. NavalMoose

    Traditions. Bottom up or top down

    With this one obviously, and it's writes, but you knew that.
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  18. NavalMoose

    Traditions. Bottom up or top down

    Imagine if some meglomaniac got a hold of one of these...