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  1. Springroll

    B-24 Liberator KH326/X Lost in Malaysia, WWII found

    F/Off George Faulkner from is my great uncle (my late grandmother's only sibling). My mother has been kept pretty up to date on alot of the information that has been put together, and you would not believe how much this means to my family. Our ultimate wish is for me to be able to go over and...
  2. Springroll

    New site some of you might be interested in...

    Won't see me posting any mess stories...even though I do have some gooders! As Occam already said "What happens in the mess, stays in the mess"....
  3. Springroll

    101 Things I Have Learned From the Royal Canadian Navy

    Thats a good one, Get Nautical!! Had that happen twice now... :nod:
  4. Springroll

    Advice for women on BMQ and other courses [MERGED]

    Amen!! This is a fantastic post and echo's my thoughts and feelings as well. I don't care if you are a man or a woman. If you can do the job, then do it to the best of your ability!
  5. Springroll

    Wounded warrior: "Ottawa dropped ball on benefits"

    I have been helping my friend with all the PIA paperwork as of late and I do know how frustrating it must be for you (I have endured many a long and angry conversation with my friend over those frustrations). We submitted it after we read the newest PIA amended doc's from VAC and then, after...
  6. Springroll

    Wounded warrior: "Ottawa dropped ball on benefits"

    How about all the paperwork that SISIP and VAC send to you to fill out almost constantly because they never received it the last time? I help out a friend of mine with reading, understanding and sending off all his SISIP and VAC paperwork, and even for me, it just doesn't read properly and the...
  7. Springroll

    Holy *Beep* from CBC News...Gas Prices go up 12 cents In Montreal

    We just had a jump like that here in Victoria. On my way into work this morning at 4am, gas was 1.08/L and I will be off in about an hour and a half and have already been alerted that it has jumped to 1.25/L  :'( I should have stopped to fill this morning...
  8. Springroll

    Getting separated need help with paperwork?

    I have the number of a good lawyer. He is on the pricey side, but in the end my ex-husband could not touch my pension. If you want it, PM me and I will give it to you. Go to the BOR to change your status. I had to do a stat dec before they would change my status, but it is worth it in the end...
  9. Springroll

    Incident Report

    Depending on how long ago the incident was, there would have been a SIR (serious incident report) sent to either Trinity or Athena (depending on your coast). Can always contact the watchkeeper, or the senior watch officer at either and if it was within the last couple years, they can see if it...
  10. Springroll

    General Navy Questions

    You will have a locker that is approx the size of two tall high school lockers, a smallish drawer at the bottom of the bunks, and an area on your bunk to store stuff. There are drawers and shelving inside of the locker to allow for better organization, but once you get onboard and sail a little...
  11. Springroll

    Calling a Room to Attention

    Unless CTFP walks on to the bridge...  ;)
  12. Springroll

    Submarine Trades

    Surface service is not required before going subs. Yes they will ask you what coast you prefer and what vessel you would like to go to on your QL3 course, but that is no guarantee on where you will be sent. They will send you where they need you.
  13. Springroll

    CF member as a single parent-on course, deployed ect... [MERGED]

    Thank you for your input here Strike, I really appreciate it. After reading your post and speaking to a retired friend of mine that went UTPNCM, I have decided I am going to give it a couple more years before I persue it. With my youngest being 10 right now, I think if I were to wait til he was...
  14. Springroll

    Soldiers accused of stealing from fellow CF members

    I would like to add that I had added the  >:D as a note that I was far from being serious when I made my comment. I do not condone vigilante justice and would sooner have the higher ups deal with that stuff then watch my buddies get in trouble for handling it themselves. For future reference...
  15. Springroll

    any navy info for me please?

    Being that you will be out here at CFB Esquimalt, and I am out here, I think I may be able to answer your questions. Firstly, your best bet is to stay in shacks until you are QL3 qualified. It is easier to focus on your academics when you only have to worry about studying and what the meals...
  16. Springroll

    CF member as a single parent-on course, deployed ect... [MERGED]

    As a bit of a clarification, I said that UTPNCM is an option, along with also remustering. I have been in contact with a few officers who have done it, and am still in my options stage. I have not begun planning or anything, just seeking information on all my options. A benefit of going UTPNCM...
  17. Springroll

    CF member as a single parent-on course, deployed ect... [MERGED]

    I am still coastal, but with us having many ships heading into the Felex program, they are making most of the positions available on the ships only available to those requiring the training (I am 5A qual'd now, so don't require the training like a 4's trainee). I have also thought about...
  18. Springroll

    CF member as a single parent-on course, deployed ect... [MERGED]

    So, since this topic is already here, I decided to add some more experiences that I have encountered since my last post about 2 years ago. My kids are now 16, 13 and 10. I spent the last 3 years on ship, with there being quite a bit of sailing, both long and short trips. I was due to be...
  19. Springroll

    Soldiers accused of stealing from fellow CF members

    I really like this, alot!
  20. Springroll

    Soldiers accused of stealing from fellow CF members

    They should have kept this tight lipped and dealt with them they way they should be dealt with.... You know, accidents happen all the time  >:D