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  1. Hockeycaper

    4 things I’ve learned about Deer

    Wow. I now need a new screen and perhaps key board as I have spit coffee through my nose, all over my desk.......That was funny.
  2. Hockeycaper

    Is Remembrance Day dead?

    I am certainly convinced that Remembrance day is NOT dead. I attended the ceremony at my daughter's elementary school (JK to grade 6). I was the guest of honour. After watching all of the presentations; the singing of O Canada, a moment of silence and the playing of the "Last Post " and videos...
  3. Hockeycaper

    A Picture of Real Bravery

    Wow, what a great picture!
  4. Hockeycaper

    Is Remembrance Day dead?

    It is certainly not forgotten on the West end of Ottawa, over to Arnprior. This weekend everywhere I went I seen lots of poppies.
  5. Hockeycaper

    CFSAC 2008

    Matt, I will see you there as I work  hang out at CRPTC full time. Ben
  6. Hockeycaper

    RCMP Cerimonial swords

    MG I am co-located with RCMP Central region training. I will ask some of the officers if they might know the value. I will PM you if I get any info.
  7. Hockeycaper

    Your home FAK (First Aid Kit)

    Along with the list Harris has provided . I find Benadryl to be very important with stings, allergic reactions, etc and the most used.
  8. Hockeycaper

    Ceremonial Guard (CG) Mega Thread [MERGED]

    Here is the latest update, just off the press. BMQ 23 Apr- 16 May BMQ 30 Apr- 16 May (TBC) PLQ 23- Apr- 30 May Hope this helps.
  9. Hockeycaper

    Getting Car Safetied in Ottawa

    If you are on the far west end of the city....I mean far west end ( Fitzroy Harbour) you can check out the Harbour Garage. They do all my truck and car work and are very honest and upstanding. Good luck Ben
  10. Hockeycaper

    Fallen Comrades (serving Canadian military)

    Rest in Peace Gary. If anyone requires more info please PM Me with your email address and I will forward the official email from the RCR Association. Ben
  11. Hockeycaper

    Looking for friends of Vic Baker formerly of 1RCR.

    Mods, this can be removed now if you desire. Thanks Ben
  12. Hockeycaper

    Looking for friends of Vic Baker formerly of 1RCR.

    Give me a PM is you remember Vic and live in or near the Ottawa area. I have good news. Thanks Ben Jardine
  13. Hockeycaper

    The hour

    I do watch and enjoy this show. I did not like alot of the earlier stuff George S. however this one seems to be a great show.
  14. Hockeycaper

    Innovative way to stop Bullies!!!

    The CBC evening news carried this story the other day and I was quite impressed. Great idea to deal with bullies.
  15. Hockeycaper

    "What Manner of Man " by Sgt. Darnell Bass and James Ogle

    Thanks for all the comments so far, but lets stay away from rumors which Bass does touch on in the book. Has anyone else read the book yet? Hey Capt. Pro Patria,  if you are the "real" Capt PP........You must have read this book by now.
  16. Hockeycaper

    Welcome to Off Topic

    Feb 93........bumming around Cape Breton island, working at 45 FES ( Sydney) as a sapper (private). Man those were the days...little did I know I would be in the RCR Battle school one year after that. OH the memories.
  17. Hockeycaper

    "What Manner of Man " by Sgt. Darnell Bass and James Ogle

    Just wondering if anyone has read this book yet? I just finished, it promissed alot but really only had  a couple of great stories but I don't think it will be a best seller.
  18. Hockeycaper

    SQ for JULY 03 BMQ cancelled (CONNAUGHT)???

    I am currently working at Connaught and have personally booked the meals, classrooms and quarters for 33 CBG to do their SQ and BMQ Courses. Believe me when I tell you.... There will be SQ courses held here at Connaught. First serials 1 BMQ and 1 SQ just graduating this week.                  ...
  19. Hockeycaper

    SQ for JULY 03 BMQ cancelled (CONNAUGHT)???

    Dam, Actually there are 3 SQs booked at Connaught this summer starting 30 July. You instructor might be misinformed or you may be  doing your SQ somewhere else. Many of the successful candidates from the BMQ running here will be going to Meaford, Borden etc depending on their trade (MOC)