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  1. Greymatters

    Canadian Forces Superannuation -Reduction of CPP bridge benefit at Age 65

    Thanks for the posting George, that explains things very well.
  2. Greymatters

    Denial of Access to MIR By Unit

    I think my comment has been misinterpreted by a few readers; I am not implying that the soldier at the bottom of this incident should have kept it 'in-house'; I think it was use of a good resource for this website to be used as a form of whistleblower. My comment refers to an OC/CO of an...
  3. Greymatters

    Psychopathy in the workplace

    Once you get into the definitions, I see a lot of overlap with Eddy's HCP (High Conflict Personality) descriptions. There are also similarities with Greene's '48 Laws of Power' when discussing workplace power tactics...
  4. Greymatters

    Denial of Access to MIR By Unit

    I think another topic at that O-group will be a discussion on why troops are taking their problems to an Internet forum instead of dealing with problems 'in-house'... 
  5. Greymatters

    Veterans Affairs alleges some ex-soldiers exaggerating their injuries

    Granted, maybe Im getting the brush and feathers ready a bit early; but I don't see the VA as being just another type of compensation programme.     
  6. Greymatters

    Veterans Affairs alleges some ex-soldiers exaggerating their injuries

    Having it as an 'insider report' just makes it that much worse; they don't have to answer questions about it because its not meant for public distribution.  Just enough information gets leaked to indicate what they are thinking, but not enough detail to show if its based on fact or opinion. ...
  7. Greymatters

    Obvious Terminology I should be aware of.

    Many of the abbreviations you end up using are equivalent to slang, and can be element-specific, unit-specific, trade-specific, and even theater-specific; there are dozens I can think of that aren't on those general lists.  It is not uncommon for the same abbreviation to mean different things...
  8. Greymatters

    SISIP LTD 2002 - 2018

    In your OP, do you mean that the CWO wasnt a 3B?  Or that he got VOC rehab while still in before he got released as 3B?  If so, that matches what I got; put on category 3B in 2002, went on VOC starting in 2004, released as 3B in 2005.  If you were told you couldn't get any VOC due to the...
  9. Greymatters

    SISIP LTD 2002 - 2018

    When you were released on 3b, were you not provided with a SISIP representative? 
  10. Greymatters

    Canadian Civilians Fighting ISIS (including threats to YPG)

    Couple comments from another forum (1st link) and an article about another Canadian (2nd link) who joined the Kurds earlier this month: http://nepacrossroads.com/about35668.html...
  11. Greymatters

    Regimental Affiliation.

    Nice one
  12. Greymatters

    I feel like I am crazy - VP related

    Well, the wording debate seems to be resolved - Im still confused as to why the 'senior radop' would be asking for traffic; wouldnt someone be monitoring his callsign while he was away?  If he's mobile why doesnt he have his radio with him? 
  13. Greymatters

    I feel like I am crazy - VP related

    A unique one I recall was 'stars and bars online', meaning a high-ranking officer was listening in to the conversation and we should cut down on the humor any unprofessional comments.
  14. Greymatters

    I feel like I am crazy - VP related

    Oh, I remember one; during a strike monitoring contract three years ago, we got the lecture at the start on 'uniformity of language' on the comms net from the boss of the operation; members of the operation came from military, police, and private security backgrounds and all had different...
  15. Greymatters

    I feel like I am crazy - VP related

    Surprisingly, the concept is still out there in some handbooks; I'll have to see if I can find a recent example.
  16. Greymatters

    I feel like I am crazy - VP related

    In theory, it doesnt matter whether you yourself are saying 'no' or 'negative' - what matters is what is everyone else saying in your net?  Everyone should be using the same words, so that an opposing force monitoring your net doesnt hear the word 'negative' and use it as an intelligence...
  17. Greymatters

    Ex-military man planned attack on Veterans Affairs office in Calgary skyscraper"

    Its sad, because its true.  What is a shame is that we cant identify the successes that make up for the actions of the negative stories...
  18. Greymatters

    Fallen Comrades (serving Canadian military)

    I heard from a friend that Sergeant-Major Gil Payette is recently deceased; not sure if he was retired or still serving - Can anyone confirm?  I would also like a PM if anyone has contact info for him or his unit as I would like to send my condolences to his family.   
  19. Greymatters

    Wedding during training

    Best to wait until all the training is over...
  20. Greymatters

    Cross dominant aiming

    We're STILL using those?