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    Patch Design - Who Would you recommend

    Hey Everyone, Currently away and looking to have someone design a patch for us. I have ZERO artistic ability but I know lots of people are either great at patch design work or know a good company who is. Can anyone suggest someone that I can work with over the web? No one has the right tools...
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    Battle Procedure/Orders Template

    Morning Everyone. Took a quick look around and couldn't find this. I was wondering if anyone had a Template format for the orders procedure that they might be able to send my way. Been working on my own for a little bit and I'm not happy with it. For clarification i am looking for one...
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    Logistics Branch Handbook

    I didnt see it on the CFLTC DWAN site but i will take another look tomorrow. Thanks for the ideas.
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    Log Branch Kit shop

    Does anyone here know when the kit shop website will be back online? Has it moved? I know I can get a lot of stuff from the svc bn kit shop but he's never open.... Any thoughts?? http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/caf-community-branches-logistics/kit-shop.page
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    Logistics Branch Handbook

    I'm currently looking for a full copy of the Log Branch Handbook to do some PD, preferably in pdf form. I have vol 1 but I know I'm missing a large portion of what is suppose to be there in the rest of the volumes. Does anyone know where I can find a copy? Or a link to the pdf? Thanks
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    Armed Forces Consider incentives to keep soldiers fit

    We were asked this question when I did my FORCE test a month or so ago. Pretty sure most of the "incentives" were things like, time off, PDR Points, even money.
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    Accessing my Personnel File

    Hey Dangles, I just finished my ATI. It really didnt take that long. I did my transfer from the reserves in Feb 2013 and they had access to everything at Library and Achives when I did my ATI in January of 2014. They send you a CD with everything from your pers file on it. I was actually quite...
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    DRMIS Help!

    That would be nice. I know there has also been some issues with serials rolling over but under the manufacture part number not the nsn. As with any change there's going to be growing pains.
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    Harold Ramis passed away

    :rofl: To quote Chris Hardwick "POINTS!"
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    Harold Ramis passed away

    How are we supposed to have Ghostbusters 3 without Harold Ramis????  :crybaby:
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    Claim against the crown for stolen property

    Your right about the costs. It was more about principal on the ground when it happend. I had someone hand carry that flag over there for me and flew it out in our FOB so there was a certain amount of sentimental value in it. In ref to being in a posn to do so, It was all organized by the TF...
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    Claim against the crown for stolen property

    Alright so let's say a certain mbr was on a certain task force and had a certain personal item, let's say a Canada flag. A mbr from the CP approached the mbr about borrowing said Canada Flag so they could have one to lend to the mayor in the certain foreign city they were in. The mbr is...
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    DRMIS Help!

    Good Morning Everyone, I'm look to all you Sup Techs out there who might have a little more hands on experience running some reports on DRMIS. We're trying to run our SNAC reports for the WH that we are responsible for. I have been told IQ09 is the T code to use however when I run this its...
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    Recently Posted to Petawawa

    Haha no, no phobia. She just spent the majority of this year commuting and If its an option I would be the one commuting to work. Shes an addiction and mental health specialist so were not sure where she will end up working... Thanks I'll check that today.
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    Recently Posted to Petawawa

    Hello Everyone! Just had our crse director let us know the career managers plan and sounds like im headed to Petawawa. Something tells me I'm headed to 2 SVC BN but I havent heard that yet. My wife and I are debating about a PMQ but I was wondering, how far they will let you live from base. I'm...
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    The Component Transfer Thread

    CT Application Date: Mid Sept 2012 Officer/NCM: NCM Trade Choice 1: Sup Tech Trade Choice 2: Trade Choice 3: First contact: Late Sept 2012 Interview: Mid Nov 2012 Medical: Mid Oct 2012 (arranged it on my own) Aptitude Test: NR Position Offered: 18 Dec 2012 CT Effective: 13 Feb 2013 Training...
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    What have you won thus far in the Roll Up the Rim?

    Finally having a good start to the year. I'm so far 2 for 2 with a free coffee and donut in hand. Trying my hand at coffee number three we will see what happens. Good Luck to everyone!
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    Soldier returns after going AWOL

    My personal favorite was to send the private on the range to go get the brass magnet. They would run from the firing point to the butts and then back to the ammo point, and the range shack, if you had enough instructors in on it.  ;D By the time he got back all the brass was cleaned up..... time...
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    5.56 Mags

    That one or two extra rotations on the mag catch can make a big difference. We had a lot of guys complaining to the CQ when we first got our C7A2's out of the box that the mag release was too soft and this solved the problem. Of coarse Brihard is right, we would never do that without consulting...
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    Yes please... I would love this. Which is odd, I'm not a fan of roller-coasters but love the looks of this. I just hope they have a way of keeping the deer off the range. It looks like you get quite close to the ground in some spots.