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    Hello MedTech, Will you take a money order, or how would you like to be paid? It sounds like an excellent computer, just what I was looking for.... Best Wishes, -Rick
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    CSIS warns terrorists may target Canada

    Hello JesseWZ, It appears so...I didn't even think to look at how old the last reply was.... I still think that it is relevant. The next terror attack isn't guaranteed to be in downtown Toronto. Most people seem to have an "it can't happen here" mentality. Regards, -Rick
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    CSIS warns terrorists may target Canada

    Hello All, I read this topic thread with interest, and would like to state for the record that I am civilian with no military background.... I live in rural Manitoba, and people seem to think that nothing will ever happen here. I am a member of our local emergency preparedness group, so am...
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    Defending Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

    Hello All, I recently read that the Canadian Rangers were patrolling the northern coast, a soveriegnty patrol.... Best Wishes, -Rick (P.S. If there was adequate support, I'm sure that there would be ample volunteers to occupy Hans Island and other locations. At least in the summer months...
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    Hello All, I went to an open house held by our local Canadian Forces Base, and was interested in the MRE'S. The cook said that the Canadian Armed Forces is adding several new items to their menu, including cariboo and seal meat. Is there somewhere I can purchase MRE's? I wouldn't mind trying...
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    What knife would you recommend?

    Hello All, I realize this thread is older, but thought I should help keep everything in it's place.... As an amateur blacksmith and civilian, I read this thread with interest. I have been designing a knife with the Canadian Armed Forces in mind. I thought that a knife that could be used as a...
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    The Red Ensign and Historical Canadian Flags thread

    Hello Newfin, Some of my ancestors fought in WWI. There are very few veterans left from that era, and I believe that they should be honoured and respected for as long as there are Canadians. To them, this was their flag. The symbol of their home. In my opinion it has just as much relevance as...
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    Implications for Canadians in Afghanistan if Iraqi Insurgents Win

    Hello Wes, You have made a difference, you and every other Canadian soldier. You are giving concerned citizens hope.... Thank you, -Rick
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    Implications for Canadians in Afghanistan if Iraqi Insurgents Win

    Hello All, I read this topic thread with interest, and just so there is no confusion I am entirely civilian with no military background. One of the members named Wes posted the following: "In reality for the average Canuck, there is really nothing one can do, aside from being vigilant...
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    Cold Weather Gear

    Hello, Our volunteer service group sends care packages to the Canadian troops in Afghanistan every month. Because of this I was asked if I could send some home-made scarves, and other items, to the Afghan children. I replied that I couldn't, because of distribution problems. It got me...
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    High collar patrol tunic

    That's good advice for dealing with any tailor....
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    I was wondering if anyone here had experience with fencing, or if any of the bases have a fencing class or club? Just curious, fencing is one of my hobbies.... Best Wishes, -Rick
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    The silica dessicant is a good idea for long-term storage of your sword and scabbard. Perhaps you might consider investing in a quality display case as well....
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    Physical Fitness (Jogging, Diet, Cardiovascular, and Strength )

    The part I have trouble with is the push-ups. I've tried to gain strength in the chest but just can't seem to do it. I'm starting to think that I'll never be able to get fit. It doesn't help that I'm thirty-five years old.... I'm 6'2" and 240 lbs, and I have great difficulty doing more than 20...
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    The coppery smell could be from the tanning process of the leather.... You might try sealing the scabbard in a plastic bag along with some baking soda. The kind that you put in your refrigerator. That might suck all the odour out. It sounds like the sword itself will be fine. Best Wishes, -Rick
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    Let's get rid of the Beret (or at least tell logistik unicorp theirs suck)

    Hello, The last time I wore a beret was in the Boy Scouts. I thought it a rather poor choice of headwear, especially for working outside in the hot sun. The beret was originally for use in tanks, I believe. Not for use in full sun or other extreme weather conditions. This is just my opinion...
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    High collar patrol tunic

    Thanks for the input everyone! I like the fact that Claymore is a Canadian company, I always try to buy Canadian if possible.... Best Wishes, -Rick
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    Hello, Too bad about your sword and scabbard.... This is just my opinion, but I'd see if I could get a new scabbard. An exact replacement if possible, perhaps your Quartermaster could assist? As far as the blade goes, I personally don't mind a bit of honest wear. It looks like a decent polish...
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    High collar patrol tunic

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here could help me procure a high collar patrol tunic in blue serge. Any information you could provide regarding retailers or manufacturers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, -Rick
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    Mail and care packages sent to BMQ / BMOQ

    Thanks for posting all the great suggestions everyone! Our volunteer service group has been sending care packages over for a while now and I was looking to see if there was anything that would be more appreciated. We usually send local newspapers, magazines, and hard candy. I'll be a little...