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    AEC - Goose Bay?

    Air4ce- 100% correct. I was the last controller to sign off duty in the MTCA in '98. Sad day for sure. Goose was more than just a great place to live (and it was a GREAT place to live!)...but the traffic was incredible! Daily launches of over 100 fighters at a time (you have to see a CAMEO...
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    F-35 First Flight Pic's

    For the non-aviation minded: HOTAS = Hands on Throttle and Stick. It's kinda like a Nintendo controller- all the buttons you need to fight the weapons platform are on the throttle quadrant and the stick. Radar functions, comms, weapons, everything. A little confusing at first, but once...
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    Mike Rochfort.........update

    Indeed. Not enough of us left to start losing.......
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    Mike Rochfort.........update

    Home now, ok.
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    Mike Rochfort.........update

    Just got a note from Marge that Mike is ok. Still in bed, but eating. (baby food, bet he loves that!)
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    Mike Rochfort.........update

    Mike Rochfort just had a heart attack. Alive, and on his way to Sudbury for treatment. No prognosis, will let you know if I hear more. Anyone in Sudbury??
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    Anyone from C SQN RCD or A 8CH in Gagetown 90 to 96

    Traffic4Wing, I just retired (Dragoon 78-91/ATC 91-05) and live outside Cold Lake. Cold Beer and hot smokies are a call away. PM if interested. Cheers- Garry
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    Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )

    Spent 8 years in Goose- had a ball. Small, close knit community. Not much going on anymore (lost the fighters). Excellent winters- 16+ feet of snow per year, unreal snowmobiling. Great hunting, fishing like you wouldn't believe. If you go, bring a 4 x 4 truck (not an SUV), a long track...
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    Vertical Forend Grip

    have never used a vertical fore end grip, but see more and more folk using them. Thinking on getting one for my AR, but wanted to hear what you folks think of them first. ...and if they're for specialised uses. (vice plinking) Thanks- Garry
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    Semi-auto pistols - parts and action

    It's a sad, sad day when a pilot: a) uses words like "tilting barrel short recoil design" b) understands what he said. Sigh....what's the Air Force coming to....????
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    Best Air Support ?

    This is not the direction I wanted to go, and I don't want to hijack this thread- but out of the wars you just talked about, iirc none of them were won- Iraq and Afghanistan wars were won...and now the uprising, counter-insurgency, Syrian, Iranian, and Pakistani-sponsored attacks- whatever you...
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    Christmas Joke

    "Lady of the evening, Lady of the evening, Lady of the evening, Merry Christmas!" It was decided in Toronto that Santa's "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas" was defamatory to woman. :) Merry Christmas!
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    21 Dec...........

    The Regiment!
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    Best Air Support ?

    Iraq and Aghanistan modern war? Sure, for the four days it took to complete the mission. We're now an "occupying force". Low grade conflicts are made for the A-10, AC-130, etc- places where we have air superiority. I'm not sure if we'll ever see another real WWII style conflict (hope to heck...
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    AFV-A/C recognition

    I'm doing the AFV- A/C recognition package here at work and am always on the lookout for good internet sites. I'm particularly in need of overhead shots of equipment- like you'd see if you were flying by. Anyone have any good sites? Here's a few for you.... and thanks...
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    Helmet Visor strength

    Holy smokes George, you're bringing back memories! PS: Trinity, Mud- yer both grounded!
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    Tattoo Parlours

    Smiling Buddha was great 25 years ago :) Checklist: - cleanliness paramount, - new needles each time, - doesn't service under 18 or drunks, - artist is sober, - art looks god to you (see his past work) and talk to current holders of his work, - takes the time to talk to you about your...
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    Helmet Visor strength

    Duey translation services here: Yes. (Sorry Duey :) ) In the FWIW file: back when the Leopards were brand spanking new, I "acquired" a bunch of the visor kits from 403 Sqn. The drivers used the visors a lot, worked great. I KNOW many drivers saved noses from being busted, as they regularly...
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    Civilian Air Traffic Controllers in War Time

    Zoomie, back at ya! Garry
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    Civilian Air Traffic Controllers in War Time

    Hey Zoomie, Love to hear more about this. Were you in controlled airspace? If so, what classification? Flight plan? if so, IFR or VFR? Altitude? Wx conditions? Altitude? Anything else??- stage of flight (vectors, etc) I'm a big believer that reporting occurrences and/or abnormalities...