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  1. K

    ResF HRA Training

    Hey all, Can someone give me a run down on the current HRA training for newly enrolled ptes? I thought it was supposed to be 3 months in Borden - has this changed and what has it changed to? TIA
  2. K

    To ED&T or not to ED&T

    The unit is running weekend BMQ, but with my shift work, I won't be able to atend most of the weekends. The unit is trying to get me in on a summer BMQ. Could I not go on ED&T, attend the parades I can, and use the DLN courses to stay of NES?
  3. K

    To ED&T or not to ED&T

    Hey all, I'm a newly enrolled private at a reserve unit (haven't done BMQ). I'm in school full time and am contemplating going on ED&T for next semester (Jan-Apr 24). Reason is that my school program requires me to do shift work and I don't know if I can attend enough parade nights to stay off...