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    RMC Culture, etc

    You have to look at it not so much as whether you want to go to RMC (heck, they might send you to CMRSJ for first year, or longer) but whether you want to join the military. Being an Officer Cadet is not just school, the four pillars you have to work on as you move forward are academics...
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    Older enlistment Signals DEO 20/21

    Signals Officer is very in demand. That may be contributing to the ramped up timeline.
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    Dmitri, Be sure to talk to Recruiting about any plans you make that might impact your recruiting profile. There are waiting periods after surgery before any medical could be reviewed (very important for ROTP intakes) and there may be special considerations as to which type of eye surgery might...
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    Don't know how to explain to my parents of my career choice

    So I am the mother of member who joined the Forces at the age of 17 thru the ROTP program as he graduated high school.  My son first slipped the idea of joining after high school during a conversation towards the end of grade 10 and it was kind of like he was floating up a trial balloon to see...
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    And those hours are effective!  Its about 2 months into Judo and one cadet not only had earned his yellow belt but last week brought home gold for his division in a local judo tournament. No judo experience before.
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    At CMR, Judo as the required sport option runs about 5 hours per week.
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    Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean (CMR)

    CMR St Jean has apparently decided to take a new approach to the indoctrination of officer cadets. They are running the obstacle course on Friday, Sept 2nd but the badging and parade ceremony will only be on Saturday the 10th. I know a lot of families would love to be there for either event...