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    Global Express Rumours

    Just for the record the Danes do not have any P-3s. 
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    A question about commitment (yes another one!)

    if you are under 18 you cannot be sent anywhere due to the un treaty prohibiting child soldiers.
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    "illinois national guard"

    it was pilots form the illinois national guard that bombed the ppcli in afghanistan in 2002.  i have not heard the song or seen the video, but with paul brandt being canadian he probably has strong feelings about the friendly fire incident. 
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    SAR Aircraft

    all i really know about the fixed wing sar aircraft is that the spanish govt is heavily lobbying the govt, even bringing in the former project manager of the c295 to serve as the defence attache at their embassy in ottawa.
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    SAR Aircraft

    i don't think the fact that the c27j sharing the same engine as the 130j is going to be enough to for it to win the contract.  it certainly has it in its favour, but considering that no c130j has been announced or anything tendered to replace the current herc fleet.  the military might surprise...
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    Purpose of the CC-150 Polaris

    the problem is that an all c130j fleet cannot haul anything more than they can now.   the military needs a strat airlifter that is able to carry the stryker and iinitialreports are that the c130, j or otherwise, might not be able to do it, leaving canada reliant upon either the us or the an124...
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    Purpose of the CC-150 Polaris

    canada currently has 5 cc150s.  001 is the one that is vip outfitted.  it is hardly air force one, it simply contains a bedroom, shower and computer work stations.  the cc150s were originally bought by wardair, when wardair went under, the mulrooney govt bought the cc150s to replaced the ageing...
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    Smart Decison?

    since i was accepted to uni as a mature student i feel i can provide some additional information about the topic at hand.  for the record i never graduated high school, but was still accepted as a mature student. that being said i was only missing three oacs and the oacs that i had were all in...
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    On The CF Application Forn

    i also believe it states that if you do not wish to self identify you do not have to.
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    Only One Man's Opinion

    i am just wondering blackberry, if you think that canada's act is so screwed up why didn't you stay in britain? 
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    i think the fact he can't spell liberals pretty much discounts anything he has to say. 
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    To enlist as an officer..

    as far as i remember just a ba.  an honours would generally take 3 years and a general 3.  of course summer courses and overloading in semesters could cut down either by a year or more. 
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    The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

    i think concealer might elicit the same response as razor burn.   you are better off trying to find a way to shave that doesn't result in razor burn and just take care of the problem at the source.  
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    The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

    umm i am not so sure you wanna get caught wearing cover up if you are a guy. just a thought that the razor burn might be better to show than having someone find out you are wearing coverup. 
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    The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

    use a lubricating shaving gel.  make sure the razor is sharp. 
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    US CITIZEN, can I join?

    registering for the sss is a lot different than being drafted for mandatory service.  the sss is not new or recently reinstated it has always been around, but it certainly doesn't mean manadatory service. 
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    US CITIZEN, can I join?

    i hate to discourage you, but to gain permanent resident status could take quite a while.  i think the best case scenario time frame would 2-3 years.  i also believe that in the cf there is a preference to accept citizens first as it speeds up the security process.  the process to gain...
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    US CITIZEN, can I join?

    umm...what draft? the draft ended a few decades ago. 
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    US CITIZEN, can I join?

    i don't think that the embassy can provide much help other than stating what you would need for cdn citizenship.  there are not too many fast tracks to gain citizenship.
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    if a single mother would have to make arrangements for her kids to be taken care of then i doubt there are facilities for dogs.   just a hunch.