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    Logistic Officer questions

    It will be at your interview that you will have the chance to state your preference. How much that is taken into consideration is another question. Almost no one in my BMOQ got their preferred element for Log O.
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    BMQ and BMOQ for Army Reserve Officer

    1. Reserve officers will often do BMQ with NCM's part time over about 10-12 weekends (equal to Mod 1 of BMOQ) with their local unit. Then in the summer they will do a 2 week part (Mod 2 of BMOQ). Location varies a bit. 2. As a logistics officer, you would do BMOQ, then BMOQ-A, then trades...
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    Army Reserve Officer

    1. You would start as a 2Lt. Pay can be viewed here: Reserve Force pay by rank - Canada.ca 2. There is a Reserve Dental Plan available after 3 months. When full time on Class B or C contracts, military doctors/dentists will look after your medical care. 3. Reserve Force members join the...
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    Preparing for Logistics Officer interview

    1) Yes, the plan is for LSO and LFO. LSO will mainly cover all the supply, transport, HR roles, though the full plan is still subject to change (from what I know). 2) I'll let someone more experienced answer it. 3) Initial training for courses is at Borden with some exceptions. Army Log O's do...
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    When do you start getting paid ? after the start of the bmq?

    We normally get paid on the 15th and final day of every month. The paperwork will unlikely be done for the first pay period after you head to BMQ, but the following one possibly. I.e. if you left on Sept 5 for basic, you would likely get your first pay on September 30, or on October 15th if...
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    Application Process Samples [ 2019-present]

    Recruiting Center: Winnipeg Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: Officer Trade choice 1: Logistics Trade choice 2: Trade choice 3: Application date: July 2021 CFAT: August 11, 2021 CFAT Results: August 11, 2021- Successful Interview: September 27, 2021 Medical Part 1: October 20, 2021 Medical...