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  1. donaldk

    BGRS Hacked

    Emails hit last Friday just after 4 p.m. over DWAN and D365. Also, there have been many attempts at a thread start on /r/CanadianForces to be quashed by that mod team (not sure what motivation there is, people are very concerned), and I think this caused /r/CAF rogue sub to take off a bit...
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  3. donaldk

    System Upgrade: Please Report Problems

    Had a very nasty glitch (using Opera 56.0.3051.104) where edits to a post caused a new post versus the edit to take hold on the original. I have used Opera often in the past however it could be part to blame.  The offending duplicates were already nuked by the mods (thank you)...
  4. donaldk

    "Irregular" / extended working hours

    Contact the DGCFGA at the following to register the grievance, at toll free 1-866-474-3867, commercial 613-944-5549, CSN 944-5549 or by email to dgcfga@forces.gc.ca .  DGCFGA will ask for the synopsis (ie. does it require referral to FA? - yours will) followed by giving you a file number.  CO's...
  5. donaldk

    System Upgrade: Please Report Problems

    Been hard to get on this site... seems that the site gets less reliable as the upgrades go on (although other posts indicate a coincidental DNS attack).  Hiding it being a cloud DNS service (like CloudFlare) might assist with this.  If it is slow I am going to try and kick my DNS over to
  6. donaldk

    CFRG and the broken recruiting system-Split

    Oh the internal bullshit within CFRG is absolutely nigh which was showcased with their stupid ever changing qualification policies for their post-in positions (which apply equally to NAVRES NRD recruiting positions upon post-in).  It was news to me when I suddenly found out yesterday that the...
  7. donaldk

    Reserve Co-op enrollment 2018-current

    Congrats to HUN - now the question is how long will the 19 pers hang around?  Co-op program isn't a panacea and location has a big factor (Southern Ontario has fuckload of pers biting at the bit to get it in and the economy there is hot (i.e. senior rank Class A viability is high), PVO, HUN...
  8. donaldk

    PMV and Travel Limits While on TD

    Something that flew CAF wide amongst Snr HRAs today that I got my hands on: TL;DR = essentially weekend travel proceeding to CL B employment as a Class A reservist is on your own accord and dime.  If you are a Class A reservist and are filling a CFTPO or other Class B/C opportunity and expected...
  9. donaldk

    Retention vs Recruiting

    OGBD - I'd be interested in said paper if you had a copy - current structure of NAVRES is a shit show with most NRD's RSS rendered impotent due to lack of manning and post ins (D Mil C appears to be giving a discrete big FU to NAVRES support billets - they either post in way to junor unqualified...
  10. donaldk


    Someone as NAVRESHQ forgot that memo and also the MCS userguide - the amount of reports my RSS staff get requested for the same thing (slightly different wording) is absolutely gut-wrenching due to the hours wasted - whereas they honestly could just enforce proper data entry and have scheduled...
  11. donaldk

    Tiger Williams charged by MP's.

    Well the similar thread in the /r/CanadianForces group on a certain well known site sure implies these morale tours aren't well appreciated - however unless hell freezes over there isn't going to be an official gallop poll on this as that would be it's own fine PR disaster production.  This...
  12. donaldk

    We’ve given up on Canada’s military, so let’s abandon it altogether

    CA has done changes to recruiting reserves wise.  RCN is currently implementing similar changes for their NAVRES units.  Both also intend on having RegF recruiting support done thru their PRes recruiting cells (when location to the potential recruit is better than the nearest CFRG det) and are...
  13. donaldk

    The Poppy Selling Superthread- Merged

    Reference with originating authority please... I would LOVE to know .  RCL will have kittens over this one if true and they see this thread :) Most of us wear a modded center with the premise of not getting 'caught'. I recall a CANFORGEN originating from the VCDS a few years back decreeing the...
  14. donaldk

    The Poppy Selling Superthread- Merged

    Had some fun trolling the local legion about the 'stabbers' and the use of a non-official center.  The lecture I got from my barkeeper was priceless (and not to get caught in my branch with one)...  legion is still steadfast at using their stupid stabbers (well they do have a $40 brooch but its...
  15. donaldk


    Heard mention of something about this at my NRD... guess I am going to really regret breaking myMM account prior to going on PATA (back 11 Nov)
  16. donaldk

    Kingston Class 40MM replacement?

    According to wikipedia the NRCWS can take a few guns... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanuk_Remotely_Controlled_Weapon_Station The cheap choice would be the M2 .50 cal option due to plenty of inventory for both the guns and ammo within CFSS.
  17. donaldk

    Naval Combat Dress (NCD) uniform [Merged]

    Also if you aren't under the RCN L1 org (e.g. FELEX Det, NDQAR, etc), base supply isn't issuing the latest rev of NCD jackets to them... so uptake to the current 'dress reg' hastily-without-fore-thought released on the street is being snubbed.  As three of my CPO2s that out... the budget...
  18. donaldk

    Acquisition Cards and Lawful Orders

    Nice discussion... unless this is something that has to happen within the hour - give your RDAO a call (if you have a DoA for 32/34 or are a card holder your RDAO should be on your speed dial).  If you have done the homework/research and can explain it in 30s or less (also mention urgent...
  19. donaldk

    VAdm Norman - Supply Ship contract: Legal fight

    All depends what is spelled out (or CFTO routine called out) in the refit/DWP contract PMRS section, the hard part is when 'extras' (aka PWGSC-1379 forms) are involved - these often miss the inspection points and there are ALOT of them (anything added within 60 days of the docking is usually an...
  20. donaldk

    VAdm Norman - Supply Ship contract: Legal fight

    Stand up of under-manned PMO dets (i.e. FELEX Det) and lack of post-ins to NDQARs seems to be the flavour of the day.  In terms of how NDQAR does audits, can't speak for what happened, however the inspection requirements quite often exceed the tech inspector's (TI) availability...