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    Harreson's military surplus, just sold mine to him, he has atleast to packs in stock....
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    Heres the link for the Cadpat Canex Gear: http://www.confectionscarcajou.com
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    knives and the temptation of the edged weapon....

    I think He's reffering to this Knife http://www.joedrouin.com/abe-knife.htm
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    New Standard Issue Helmet

    Hahaha.......Couldn't resist...
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    The air cadet thread

    Have been there Last two Summers On Course and As Staff. And no, They don't carry Shotguns. Just "Bearbangers".
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    placement of collar dogs on cut-away patrol blues

    Thanks, RBD. Damn... I'd take a pic, but my cam is on the Fritz.
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    placement of collar dogs on cut-away patrol blues

    Hey, I'm having some trouble figuring out what the regulations for the placement of collar dogs on my Highland Patrol jacket. How far (as in cm.) on the collar are they?
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    The air cadet thread

    Anyone going to Cold Lake? I got SI and I'm getting pretty choked that i haven't gotten my orders yet >:(. Seeing as the course begins on the 9Th. Anyone else going to Cold Lake get theirs yet?
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    The Army and Rugby

    Here we go........ I'm just finishing up my second season for my highschool (Belmont) Team. and will also be playing 3rd's for the Valhallians in the Fall.   Jaydub, i take it as you prolly know Johnny Lyle?  Hahaha (he's one of my teachers ;D) So 1st and 2nd Battalions both have teams? but...
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    The air cadet thread

        My Squadron's Annual Ceremonial Review is on this Saturday. We will be Celebrating My Squadron's 30th Anniversary :cdn: And we Have also been Practising BIG TIME for the event.     We got really lucky This year and were given Access to the Old Royal Roads Military College (RRMC) Parade...
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    Canada??? (Hilarious website)

    This is great ;D http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Military
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    Canada??? (Hilarious website)

    And who's idea was this: http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Army.ca
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    Where to get ripple soled boots

    You could try these guys: http://www.aasurplus.ca/store/ If i'm not mistaken their located in, Neepawa, Manitoba?
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    Cold Weather Gear

    Don't many soldier's wear a shemagh while on duty?
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    Cadet long service medal

    here's the Army Cadet LSM: http://www.armycadetleague.ca/Templates/aclsme.htm And here's the Air Cadet LSM: http://www.aircadetleague.com/News/press_release_110605_e.html
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    knives and the temptation of the edged weapon....

    as soon as you mention the Grohmann belt knife i remembered seeing this beauty of a piece of steel: http://www.joedrouin.com/abe-knife.htm
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    Trojan suit.......on Ebay?

    Wow i really hope this guy isn't getting too desperate................ http://cgi.ebay.ca/The-Trojan-full-body-armor-designed-by-Troy-Hurtubise_W0QQitemZ190086333516QQihZ009QQcategoryZ25552QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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    "CADPAT, Canadian Military GORE-TEX Bivy Tent "

    well i was pointing out how sad, it was this fast to fall out of DND hands......
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    "CADPAT, Canadian Military GORE-TEX Bivy Tent "

    Didn't CTS trial these not too long ago? http://cgi.ebay.com/CADPAT-Canadian-Military-GORE-TEX-Bivy-Tent_W0QQitemZ130081277961QQihZ003QQcategoryZ36071QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem