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    The Threat of Modern Piracy- A Merged Thread

    You know I had that Idea years ago get a old nave patrolship to hunt Pirates. but what about having a bait ship ?? a old cargo can with a hidden littel secrit on bord you hit that thing once and youd think twice about bording another.
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    DEU Badge placement

    I need to get my rank Badges sown on and my markman, for the 11, but Id like to know the placement to keep the taler in line. is the a place outside DND net that I can get badge placement. yes I know its last minit but Iv bine out of town for the last three months away from home and unable to...
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    Anarchists call for Far-Left to converge on 2010 Olympics

    ya hippies just lie around a complane, but Anarchists are willing to fight. and Yes Anarchist do organise. its just in a different way with no leadership, so much harder to target.
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    Reserves and their role in the big picture

    OK this question has bin in my head for a bit. What is the main role now for the army Reserves? is it to supplement the reg. is it to stand by and help at home or what else should be its roles? if its to help the reg force (what wast the % of the last few rotors I forget ) in operations. if...
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    'Lady P' bids her regiment goodbye

    good ceremony, but I was disappointed I could not hear Lady P's speech. no one botherd to turn up her mike or pull it down so the person I wanted to hear I could not. oh well still worth the cramps in my arms for standing their for 2 hrs. ( I think?)
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    Vancouver Olympics

    we just had a Gen. at our parade night, and he said something about us being deployed for the Olympics. also think about it, lots of outdoor mountion venues. so lots of ground needing Eyes on it.
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    Saudi group wants Canadian oil facilities hit

    the famed "Joint Army and Navy Basic War Plan -- Red," Iv heard of it before. that's what a bored bunch of staff do, they make war simulations don't they? the point is it may happen not as a war but as a defensive act. don't forget the treaty we sinned that prevents us from selling oil to...
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    its one thing to get a guy to have a month away for course its a nother to be gone for 2 I don't think Id be able to get 2 months off at once in the summer from work not likely to happen.
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    Terror suspect Mahjoub ordered released from detention pending review of case

    the old saying better a 100 guilty go free then One Innocent man go to jail
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    Saudi group wants Canadian oil facilities hit

    did it ocer that a security threat to Canada may mean a Vested intrest by US security forces? meaning a attack in Canada may mean US troops on our ground defending Our resources so we can sell it to them. think about it we run their lights full their cars ans pump their drinking water. the NEED...
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    (USAF) Sergeant In Trouble For Playboy Spread

    did she do the Photos as a Sergeant in the USAF or as a privet person? that's makes a difference in my book
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    Israel denies plan to attack Iran with nukes

    did Israel do something smilier to Iraq back in the 80s? tho not with Nukes?
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    U.S. targets al Qaeda suspects in Somalia, Pentagon official says

    the gov. in exile not the Islamic Courts who where in control of the contry. the problem is now it will look like the US is backing one side in a internal civil war (ya another one )
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    Why is the military so right wing?

    We are Citizen Solders citizens first. But willing to fight for the greater good. I also like how you expland the Dif. betwen Socialism and liberalism. a lot better then if I tried.
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    M60 + 850 Round Belt = Fun

    bad joke as to how one whould feel after that.
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    Shifting the balance of power

    the joy and terror of living in a boom bust economy.
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    M60 + 850 Round Belt = Fun

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    World's Smallest Machine Gun

    because we need another toy as a front line weapon. ::)
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    Logistik Unicorp

    OK I did not know about the lack of boots thing I was just a littel upset at the time. and ya Id understand the tired of telling the 100th person whythey cant get... so ya Ill try and get a hard copy of what I'm entitle too for my training secion, witch is where kit issues show up the most. thanks
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    Logistik Unicorp

    OK 1 read my Signature. "Iv got a learning disability. Iv had to deal with it for years you can deal with it for a min" 2 the buddy has less time in than me. 3 I have a standard size (10) that should be something we don't run out of is it not. 4 yes I do use to much short hand refer to answer...