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    The US Presidency 2019

    If you look at the statistics of the US economy since 2010, the Trump years largely fall into the general trend that started under Obama. Theres little statistical evidence to prove a "stunning economic recovery", though the economic trends have remained relatively favourable...
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    Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery School - Assigned Batteries

    45 Battery is OP, Air Defence, and targeting and run the IG course as well. 67 battery run gunline courses (DP 1.1, 1.2, etc), AIG, and STA. W Battery is a gun battery that supports courses being run for the school. Both 45 and 67 are listed as depot batteries for historical reasons but are in...
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    FSA (Fin) positions / courses / training

    The lady you were talking to is quite right- it doesnt matter, in terms of postings, what element you belong to. You can as easily find yourself in an infantry bn in Shilo, Mb as you can a ship in Halifax. What the navy uniform shields you from is doing Soldier Qualification if you go to an army...
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    Defense Secretary Mattis Is Out

    Why try to convince yourself of anything? He's an unqualified egomaniac with a grasp of international relations akin to an 8 year old.
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    The US Presidency 2018

    Or because Eric Prince has leverage on Trump? https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/377318-mueller-evidence-shows-blackwater-founder-held-meeting-to-create
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    Senior staff shake-up in the PMO

    The other interesting aspect is the riding he chose to run in. Grey-Bruce-owen sound (my home riding) is arguably the most conservative area of ontario  and hasn't had a liberal MP since 2004 and before that MP since 1979. So, it begs the question of why leave the PMO to run in a riding that...
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    The US Presidency 2018

    As long as the Americans are ready for the associated loss of prestige and influence that comes with it. None of the US actions of the past 70 years were fully out of the goods of their hearts. Calculations on the effect on their prestige and subsequent influence were always key. As Mattis...
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    Presidents Need to Visit the Troops

    I personally met our head of state, the GG, in Jerusalem and was in Amman when he was there visiting troops and remember trudeau going to Latvia. https://pm.gc.ca/eng/news/2018/07/10/prime-minister-concludes-successful-visit-latvia
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    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    You may remember on these very threads circa 2015 the vast majority of people on this site expressing a dis-interest in seeing Leslie as MND fir a variety of reasons, notably his transformation plan. I am still glad he wasn't chosen- he had a lit of axes to grind and transformation would have...
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    The US Presidency 2018

    So, who is in charge then, the POTUS or the secret service? As for spin, do you believe for a second that if Obama had of missed this event that Fox news and the howling right wing commentators wouldn't be having seizures right now? I dont personally care if Trump went or didn't, nor do I care...
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    The US Presidency 2018

    True. Remember your advice the next time theres a Democrat president and Congress. 
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    The US Presidency 2018

    So the opposition is opposing? The same could be said for the conservatives in Canada who appear to be bent on getting rid of Trudeau or one Donald J. Trump who went around the US accusing Obama of not being a US citizen. The Republicans also spent a majority of their time blocking Obama's...
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    The US Presidency 2018

    Politics absolutely, presidency no. PM me if you want to debate.
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    llegal Asylum Seekers - Goats and news sources (Split topic)

    When I was growing up we used to have Italians come up from Toronto to buy sheep. They would hang the sheep up by it's back legs and then slit the throat to bleed it out and transport it back in their truck once done. Seems relatively similar to HAJJ rituals which are being discussed. 
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    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    The policy is clear so your CoC ought to have made you follow it. It's the same as the guys who had shave chits but never trimmed so they were out of standard.
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    The US Presidency 2018

    Hillary has no part in this as she isnt the president aside from shes allowed to have an opinion like anyone else. It's a red herring, that's all.
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    The US Presidency 2018

    Again, this thread is about the US president so references to Hillary are red herrings and irrelevant to the discussion at hand, particularly seeing as how the conversation was about an article related solely to the current US president. The further reference to democrats was equally as...
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    The US Presidency 2018

    The reference to Clinton is a Red Herring that has no bearing on the article nor adds anything to the discussion and is completely irrelevant. For the Weimar Republic, the system in place to elect representatives was similar to the British system in that states were given seats in the Reichstag...
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    Kavanaugh - Is corroboration for sexual assault required?

    the question isn't in regards to a criminal investigation or statutes of limitations and the statement seems to miss the broader point of debate- do you want someone who potentially committed a serious sexual crime (and if he had been convicted would be on a list) to be a judge on the supreme...