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    Retired general claims $72K in moving expenses (CTV)

    When we did the move we checked and were told yes. Of course, one never knows until one actually files the paper work...we were made aware that the policy can change at any time and we still went ahead, willing to take the risk. It would be nice to claim some of the fees and costs which we paid...
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    Retired general claims $72K in moving expenses (CTV)

    This is frustrating. We moved to our current posting with 8 weeks notice. I quit a super great, very secure civilian job. We bought our house in under two days. We settled on an only okay house since my job was gone and it no longer helped us get a larger mortgage. I eventually got another...
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    Boyfriend joining the military, what should I expect?

    Long time army wife here. We started dating when he was a new private. Our relationship was long distance for many years until we married. Those years were great since I was finishing school and he was happy doing such a cool job. Yes, I missed him, but it wasn't awful. Fast forward a bit to...
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    Looking for Advice and Understanding

    While I agree with the posts telling you to be honest about your feelings and to be wary of rumor mills I have to laugh too! You see my hubby lived with a woman soldier while on IR a few years ago. She had had several unsuccessful house hunting experiences. He had a small place on IR. they were...
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    Tim Hortons - The Good - The Bad & The Missed

    Best- Goderich ON, back when they had a smoking room. So fun as a teen, until Dad's buddies showed up and I had to duck. Worst- Petawawa Blvd. Knew all the kids working there as had taught them but still never got my order right. Then there is the traffic. One year my DH lived in the little...
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    Time Away

    There is no guarantees that you will get To live together for your entire career. Here is one scenario-: you get sent to another base for 6 months of training. She can't join you because she likes her job and besides you can't afford the hotel and the loss of her job. Another scenario: you get...
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    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    Thanks Pusser! You are right about the TFSA. So we don't  have nearly enough room in his RRSPs.  HOpefully we can split it between the room he has available and the room I have available. Our investments are very slow and steady in nature, since we are both conservative in our finiancial...
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    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    Wow! Interesting reading. Let's see if I understand. Let's assume this severance pay is called a retirement payout and is treated as such by tax law, even though my DH is not retired or retiring any time soon. We won't know that for sure until we investigate some more. My DH has 21 years of...
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    Leave Policy – Weekends (time off) Merged]

    To add to what Scott said: My DH and I have 20 years of military family life behind us. Don't waste your time trying to find out answers to the when and how questions. Useless to do so. My DH always calls when he can and always let's me know whats going on as soon as he knows for sure...
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    Lifestyle, Deployment and Camping

    You sound like you need to do lots of reading about the Armed Forces and maybe find someone who has served and talk to them. Here's what my DH's schedule has been like since joined  20 years ago: As a young armoured soldier- lots of courses where he was sent to Gagetown or whatever for 3 weeks...
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    Petawawa Thread- Merged

    My DH has been on IR for quite awhile in Petawawa. He had to move out of his rental for TF 1-10. Now that he's back he's being told he has to stay in barracks or pay rent on his own. He had a huge home rented for 1600$ a month, now he has no choice but barracks. I was told this happened to a lot...
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    The passing of Fred Haldenby, WWII veteran

    Thank you. Mario Mike I appreciate you locating this other resource. The funeral is tomorrow and I feel so sad to have lost this wonderful man.
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    The passing of Fred Haldenby, WWII veteran

    It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my uncle, Fred Haldenby, a veteran of WWII.  Fred was a pilot during the war and was shot down, losing several members of his crew. He was eventually captured and was a POW.  The full history of his flight crew is available at the...
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    Wear a poppy to WWII veteran's funeral?

    Thanks to everyone. We will miss him. He never talked about his service very much, except with my DH, who of course has some understanding being a serving member of the forces himself.  I guess my uncle just wanted to keep his memories mostly private. I will wear the poppy and maybe when I...
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    Wear a poppy to WWII veteran's funeral?

    Thanks Cdn Aviator. I appreciate the clarification.
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    Wear a poppy to WWII veteran's funeral?

    Thanks for the advice. I also checked the Legion website and found a quote: There is no set period when the Poppy should be worn. In fact, a person may wear a Poppy at any time. Traditionally, however, the Poppy is worn during the Remembrance period, which is from the last Friday in October to...
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    Wear a poppy to WWII veteran's funeral?

    I am wondering if I should wear a poppy to the funeral of my uncle, a World War II veteran and POW who died in his sleep on Sunday? I am  an army wife and my DH is in Afghanistan so I cannot ask him about protocol. Would this be appropriate? We are going to the Legion after his funeral for...
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    Living Quarters and Free Time

    My DH only lived in the "shacks" on base for a very short time. He joined the forces at 18 and bought a house before he was 21. Once he was sure that his posting was going to be for over a year we went ahead and bought a little house. I paid for 1/2 of the down payment and we went to a lawyer to...
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    Family and being posted where I don't live

    This is my first post after reading and being an inactive member for a long time.  I am a wife of an armoured soldier. Here's our story: Married 12 years, together 18 years and we have kids. We have been posted to Pet and to Meaford and  Pet.  This is actually very good- most of our armoured...