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    The Curse of Cultural Awareness

    I think there's more intolerance among different groups today than there was 35 years ago. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think we had more freedom. Today, there is simply too much micro-management on all fronts, and from what I recall our military had a strong Christian...
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    Hillary in 2008

    I can't think of a worse choice for president than Hillary Clinton. It would be drastic for the military if she was ever elected. All the more reason for the Republicans to get their act together, to ensure it doesn't happen, especially with a war going on. 
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    Canadians losing knowledge of military history

    That's because many of the WW2 vets were still around in the 1970's and there was a deep appreciation for the miltary. Somehow, things took a turn for the worse.
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    The Start of Chinese Imperialism?

    I realize it's a hypothetical and a lot has changed since the cold war era, but I can't say I would fancy the idea.     
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    Red/ Green/ White Poppies- Does The Colour Matter?- Merged

    What goes around comes around and shame on Kalmanovitch for his disrespect to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 
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    Red/ Green/ White Poppies- Does The Colour Matter?- Merged

    It doesn't surprise me. Next they'll be asking for a white maple leaf.
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    Donald Rumsfeld Resigns

    I realize military experience may not count for much today in many government slots, but for a defense secretary it certainly couldn't hurt. I might be wrong, but I don't think his replacement Gates has ever served in the military.   
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    Great Lakes machine guns raise ire in Canada

    The only lead I've seen are in non-military wpns, .22, .32, .38 special, .357, .40-40 .44 and .45 Long. Some of the old military revolvers used lead bullets, but I've never seen or used any. My guess is that revolvers chambered for the .38 special might have used as a sidearm years ago = but I'm...
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    U.S. report says Iraq war has fueled terror threat

    Yes, things could have been done differently to reduce the proliferation of terorrists, but it still would have happened.
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    U.S. report says Iraq war has fueled terror threat

    While I agree that it draws in the terrorist element, it doesn't help in stabalizing Iraq, by the proliferation of new terrorist groups. Kind of a catch 22, since it was inevitable that that was going to happen by going in. 
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    U.S. Military Deserters in Canada Megathread

    Many Americans remember the Viet Nam era where military deserters headed north, applied for a SSI card by mail then kicked back in Canada. But it isn't like that anymore.
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    The Evacuation of Canadians from Lebanon Thread

    I can only wonder how many of these returning Cdns are pro-Hezbollah or actual terrorists operatives, for that matter. 
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    What a wonderful world.... Jumped Walking Home...

    I agree, but at least he would have his honour by fighting back. 
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    What a wonderful world.... Jumped Walking Home...

    At the very least, attending the local dojo wouldn't hurt, either.
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    Testosterone Suppliments

    Most men produce sufficient levels of testosterone well into their sixties. Since you are young you really don't need anything to boost testosterone levels. Many men over 40 respond well to DHEA, since DHEA levels begin to drop at that age. The problem is that it converts to testosterone and...
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    Canadian soldiers fined

    Looks like the media is looking for every scrap it can find to discredit the CF and those making the sacrifices, while they sit safely at the office typing up this rubbish. How pathetic.  ::)
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    Terroists being deported to countries that allow torture, to extract info.

    This sounds like an effective policy. To me, the sending state should not have to accomodate terror suspects. When they show up on the police radar screen = they should be removed. 
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    Military doctor travels to Afghanistan

    Very nice read.
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    Why Socialism can never die

    I needed a good laugh ;)