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    Application Process Samples [ 2019-present]

    Your background check only took 2 days?
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    Application Process Samples [ 2019-present]

    Recruiting Centre: CFRC Vancouver Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: NCM Trade 1: NEP / Material Management Technician Application: December 18 2023 CFAT: Completed years ago (maybe in 2010?) TSD: January 16, 2024 Interview #1: February 26, 2024 Medical: April 8, 2024 Interview #2: April 16...
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    Force test on BMQ

    Did you end up finding out? I'm curious to know.
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    Past history of depression and anxiety - Potential disqualifiers?

    Thanks but I was more so asking about the RMO decision, how long it was taken them since the original post was from October '23. I thought they would've already received a response but I guess not :( (I am not diagnosed depression or anxiety)
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    Past history of depression and anxiety - Potential disqualifiers?

    So what happened? Did you pass the medical?
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    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    Hey everyone, just wondering if you need any licenses for this trade while you're in the application process or if they will teach you everything.
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    CFAT done

    Were you approved/passed the medical with the broken leg/surgery/physio? Did they ask more questions, have a doctor fill out more forms for you?
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    Naval Experience Program

    That's great! I also selected this as my "occupation" when I was applying (I've completed the interview, just waiting for my medical in a couple of weeks). Did they say how long it took them? Obv. its different per person but some idea would be great. I plan on signing on after the one-year...
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    Naval Experience Program

    Has it lived up to their expectations? Are they going to be signing up at the end of the one-year? What have they done so far (outside of BMQ)? Is it mostly classroom style learning then get posted to a ship?
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    Naval Experience Program

    Hey everyone! I'm just seeing if anyone has heard of anything or know someone who has been involved with the Naval Experience Program? I haven't been able to hear much about the program other than what was posted from forces.ca.
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    What to expect during the medical exam?

    Good day, I am just wondering what to expect during the medical exam? I know Part I is basically a questionaire about previous health, etc. But I am not sure what to expect during Part II of the exam. Any insight would be appreciated so I can better prepare myself. Thank you.
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    Secret clearance

    Does everyone in the CF go thru a secret clearance or is it based on trade? Does some trades only allow you to have a reliability clearance?