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    ASC Study Guide

    Basically it means scanning the instruments and not fixating for too long on any particular one. In straight and level flight, my scan typically goes from attitude indicator - altimeter - attitude indicator - airspeed indicator - attitude indicator - heading indicator - attitude indicator. Wash...
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    Do I have to be good at math to be a pilot?

    The whole private pilot ground school is in the neighbourhood of $400 and includes a minimum of 40 hours instruction, although most places exceed that just to make sure you do well on the exam the first time. I'm not sure that any place would let you pick and choose which classes you want to...
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    Do I have to be good at math to be a pilot?

    Well, unfortunately, you've got to be pretty quick on that third section of the CFAT. You get 30 minutes to do 30 questions, but that time flies by in a hurry. Yes, you can re-write, but you have to wait a year.
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    I think it's been established that the transfer scenario is unlikely, at least for a few years. That leaves the scenario where you turn down the ACSO offer and re-apply for pilot. Keep in mind that getting your CPL does not guarantee you'll pass ASC for pilot on the next try. And that offer for...
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    Reserves and University.

    One of my university roommates made it work quite well for himself, but was only taking three classes per semester that year (he joined in his last year of university.) So, I suppose if you're not hell bent on finishing school as fast as possible, it's a good option.
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    Easiest officer trade to get into?

    I'm not answering that. Choose something you think you'll enjoy. Don't choose it because it's easy to get into. You're also talking about your low GPA like it's the end of the world. It's not.
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    New to Forum.. And a simple question

    Darn. Beaten to the punch. You may be able to apply while still in the process of completing your degree, but you will not be able to attend BMOQ and enrol under the DEO plan without a completed degree. If you were talking about enrolling as an NCM while you complete your degree, that doesn't...
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    BMQ Training Language/ Drill Language

    Perhaps you'd be better off in a french platoon. It would take you out of your comfort zone. You might learn more, have a richer BMQ experience, and all that crap. My :2c: anyway...
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    20 years

    Since when are you the quitting type? I suggest you look back through this entire thread before you do anything...specifically, this post:
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    Fighter Pilot

    That must have been really tough...wasn't this your third attempt?  :o
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    5D ....wth!

    So, why did you go? You had that option. Anyway, the CFRC will sort you out, as beach_bum said...
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    Enrollment standard with Sleep Apnea

    I can see why the RMO would not want to enrol somebody as a pilot who has a condition which contributes to fatigue and sleep deprivation. Anyway... It's certainly not a permanent condition...I know an individual who had terrible sleep apnea; lost 50 lbs. and it completely went away. A...
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    Help Need Clarification On Application I May Have Missed An Appointment ASAP

    I glanced down the page on this forum and found this topic which answers all of your questions. Long story short...the dates you are seeing on your online application mean nothing. It only means the application is being reviewed. The CFRC will not book anything until they speak to you first.
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    I could use some encouragement please

    No. Go join the CF. Not everybody can.
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    Enlistment with a family

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    This is weird

    This thread is weird. CDN Aviator is right: why does it matter what your friend's blood pressure was? Especially since you are "all good," as you say. For the record, my BP when I did the medical was 139/85 and they had me go to my doctor to get signed off. It wasn't a big deal; I had just done...
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    Fighter Pilot

    No, I just say mechanical engineering because it's a good fallback option, and if you're interested in flying, chances are good you're interested in science/engineering subject matter as well. The CFRC will tell you for sure which degrees are acceptable for pilot and to my knowledge, there are...
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    Recruiting Process

    First off, don't go to the gym to impress people. Start small, do the exercises PROPERLY, and work your way up. Just be patient.
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    Marathon Training

    Three simple rules: 1) Increase your weekly distance by no more than 10% each week (i.e. if your mileage for one week adds up to 30, run 33 miles the next week MAX. Additionally, do not increase the distance of your long run by more than 10% each week. 2) Complete at least two long runs of 20...
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    Eye exam? possibly wrong?

    Hmmm. I always thought the RCMP required 20/60 uncorrected vision in both eyes, or 20/40 in the better eye and 20/100 in the worse. Am I wrong?