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    ROTP at Civilian University 2004 - 2018 [Merged]

    For you to participate in the co-op program you would need permission from the SEM through the local ULO. You'd have to request a leave of absence while you were employed in the co-op terms. All of this still doesn't guarantee you get a co-op placement though.
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    US versus NATO

    Bang on, exactly what was committed to in the 2014 Summit, but now Trump can claim he was the driving force. I'm sure there was a ton of  ::) when his 4% GDP came up. Looking forward to his self-BZ tweets.
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    Legal Cannabis Use in the CAF

    I can't see it being as broad as restricting it to all ship positions. I would guess restricted to ready duty ship personnel, ships under 48 hours (possibly changed to 72 hours) notice, and foreign ports. Although a foreign port news story is one we are destined to see.
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    BMOQ Training [MERGED]

    Does anyone have access to the QS/TP for BMOQ-L (BMOQ-A) in pdf format (or any soft format)? I'm looking for the suggested task list for the EO's/EC's. I have requested this info from my local ULO office (twice now) without success and the searches on the DIN (when I had access) only resulted in...
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    Kingston Class 40MM replacement?

    Do you know where they put the control panels for these (bridge/ops)? Also are they planning to be controlled by Deck or OPS departments?
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    Legal Cannabis Use in the CAF

    That was not my intention. My comment was to separate punishments from offences.
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    Legal Cannabis Use in the CAF

    Yes it did, however don't mix up service offences with service punishments. To receive the death penalty you still had to commit the offence. By removing the legal validity of the offence no punishment can be applied.
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    Legal Cannabis Use in the CAF

    Yes, currently (issued May 13, reviewed Feb 15 - I'm unaware of anything more current) D Med Pol 4200-10 states: "CAF uniformed physicians, public service physicians, third party contract physicians and any other health care provider delivering care to CAF members in a CF H Svcs facility shall...
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    Legal Cannabis Use in the CAF

    The way I understand our services offences, once cannabis is removed from the schedule II drug list and is legalized it would immediately be legal for military members. As the current charge for marijuana use/possession falls under: QR & O Vol II 103.61 - OFFENCES AGAINST OTHER CANADIAN LAW...
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    C7/C8 refresher drills being done over videos.

    Now for the devil's advocate: Not an accurate comparison.  This video would be a refresher on the TOETs, all personnel would have already gone through the hands on training and been introduced to fie arms.  So a more accurate comparison would be a kid, who went through driver's ed, passed...
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    ROTP at Civilian University 2004 - 2018 [Merged]

        You would have to submit an Academic Recovery Plan to the SEM indicating what course you failed, how it will impact you and what you suggest your next course of action would be, (i.e. retake the class at your own expense).  If the class is a prerequisite for multiple classes, is not offered...
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    Medical Release ( merged )

    Andraste nailed it, a PCAT is not necessarily a medical release.  If there is a light at the end of your medical treatment tunnel, then the medical review should see that as wee and treat you accordingly.  What I think needs to be stressed is don't VR.  If your current situation leads to a...
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    Jian Ghomeshi alleges firing due to Fifty Shades of CBC

    BZ... You could sell tickets to that event.
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    All Memo Templates: (AVOTP, ED&T, File Number, OJT, OT, Release, Retention)

    BinRat nailed, do your best with what you know and your researched references and put forth a memo.  It will most likely come back a few times for corrections and "personal memo corrections". As for going to see the release section, my wife just went through this process beginning in November...
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    making a murderer

    True, but there was definitely reasonable doubt that he had nothing to do with it.  I would have loved to see the jury deliberation.  There's no way I could hold my hand over my heart and say he didn't do it, but conversely I couldn't say he did either.
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    WoT or World of Tanks

    I've rotated back into my WoT addiction.  One thing I need to improve on is learning where to aim at certain tanks.  I used the mod that identifies each component on tanks (ammo, engine, etc..) for a few days a few years ago, but I hated how it made the game feel. I'm currently grinding down...
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    November 2015: Paris Bataclan attack/hostage taking

    Here is a quote from French President Francois Hollande about tonights attacks: "We will lead the fight. It will be ruthless,"
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    Election 2015

    The point people were making is that the majority of Canadians were voting for a progressive system, which was split and that a conservative system won out with less popularity because it was the only option on the right.
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    Election 2015

    Conservative tears will be our natural resources for the next 4 years.  Although I'd bet oil sands burn cleaner then those tears.
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    Election 2015

    oh my.... will it continue into Upper Canada...