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    Matthew Perry and the PM

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    Matthew Perry and the PM

    You’re missing the point. He’s being reported on because he’s a TV personality. Yet many others die without a mention.
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    Check out these Norwegian Coastal Rangers

    If they are anything like their SOF, then they are very good.
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    Military chief warns China and Russia are 'at war with the West' and Canada is not ready

    The CDS is the problem. A politician in uniform. He’s right that we aren’t ready, but then Canada could not have been “ready” for decades. The slow rot from the inside of the CAF has inevitably led to our being reduced to a bit player on the world stage instead of having a seat at the table with...
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    Matthew Perry and the PM

    He was a long-time drug addict, an alcoholic, and a depressive personality. They die! Tragic, but there are thousands each year who do so without a thought. That this man was a TV personality doesn’t make him any more precious or important than the next. In God’s eyes they are all equal.
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    Directives to military chaplains urge expunging God, religion from Remembrance Day, public ceremonies

    Evil stalks the earth. None of this should come as a shock or surprise, though. We should expect it and not just from this government or society. In the last days such things will happen. There will be a great falling away from the faith and those who are left; the remnant, shall be left. Hence...
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    Mess kit

    I’m seeing retired folk in the Mess in mess dress. Is this legal/allowed (it’s obviously tolerated, but is it allowed per the regs)?
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    Question re rel item . . .

    Has anyone had their Release Item changed after they released? I.e., from 4a to 3B? I ask because in retrospect, I believe I should have been med released. While I cannot divulge too much info and circumstances, I was diagnosed with profound PTSD. I told my doc (ex-mil contracted civi) that I...