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  1. Teflon

    Stabbings in Toronto and Pensylvania

    There is NO WAY IN HELL that ANYONE is going to get me to "REGISTER" my pointy stick collection! Some of those pointy sticks have been handed down in my family for generations! Besides everyone knows "REGISTER" is just secret Illuminati code for "Pointy Stick Confiscation"!
  2. Teflon

    New Service Uniforms

    Certainly not what the CF needs to spend money at the moment
  3. Teflon

    Word association (just for fun)

  4. Teflon

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    I can only imagine the horror of trying to go through life with a life threating allergy to rabbit turds!!!!!  :panic: ;D
  5. Teflon

    Shampoo at the Canex

    Pretty sure dandruff isn't on the kit list for the course so don't bring any with you - negates the requirement for Head & Shoulders or some other anti-dandruff shampoo
  6. Teflon

    The WTF News Files

    DOES PAM ANDERSON KNOW ABOUT THIS!!?? We better let her know so she can campaign against this horrible injustice!
  7. Teflon

    Bill Murray is the most interesting man in the world

    Initially I found this thread about "the interesting man in the world" to be very intersting till I remembered who Bill Murray was and then sadly lost interest
  8. Teflon

    Word association (just for fun)

  9. Teflon

    Saudi Arabia looking for nuclear weapons

    One would think they would do regular verifications on things like that, you know, just to keep a grip on them!  ;D
  10. Teflon

    Recent Warfare Technologies

    No,... never wondered that at all
  11. Teflon

    Freeman on the Land?

    Meads v. Meads, 2012, ABQB, 571 http://canlii.ca/en/ab/abqb/doc/2012/2012abqb571/2012abqb571.pdf A very extensive court decision from Alberta in a divorce case that examines quite a few facets of :Freeman on the Land" beliefs and explains the legal reasons behind their absolute uselessness -...
  12. Teflon

    Canada's wounded soldiers told not to criticize online

    WHAT?! I always go to Iranian media for my news! Doesn't everyone? It's the only way to get news unfiltered by an obvious bias!
  13. Teflon

    Just in case you were feeling significant today...

    Everyboby knows the moon isn't real!  :nod:
  14. Teflon

    2 Canadian protestors on Greenpeace ship arrested by Russian Coast Guard

    Good to see the Russians doing us a favour - With any luck they will decide to keep them
  15. Teflon

    Autobiography Thread (merged)

    PRO TIP Remember it's an autobiography of your present life, not any past lives you remember or that may have been uncovered during all that intensive psychoanalytical theropy Mom made you go to during early childhood AND NEVER MENTION THAT DAY HAD A PINIC ON THE GRASSY KNOLL!!!!
  16. Teflon

    Word association (just for fun)

  17. Teflon

    A Cunning Plan for the Next Generation's Military Heritage Changes (From: "Re-Royalization")

    I say we go back to sewing our rank back on to our combats! - Congradulations on your promotion Sgt Soandso, now get get sewing!
  18. Teflon

    Canadian Forces Helmet - Are they Advanced Combat Helmets? Material Used?

    In the end all helmets are "proofed" in the fires of Mordor before released for issue to troops and non-virgialy worked ones would simply melt (on a side note - that resulant material goo is then used for those nifty WO Action figures handed out at recruiting stands and career fairs)