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    Health Serivces on Leave Question

    Call the 1-800 number on your Blue Cross card and they will advise you
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    B.C. school bans 'I Love Boobies' cancer bracelet

    *rimshot*  ;D
  3. cn

    B.C. school bans 'I Love Boobies' cancer bracelet

    Seems to me this "novelty item" (because that is exactly what all those bracelets are, regardless of purpose) are doing exactly what they were were intended to do.  Clever marketing, this so called "controversy" just adds fuel to their awareness fire. +1.  Who doesn't? To follow their...
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    "Emerging Fire Services Issues" AMO

    I'm not sure if this has been posted here before or not, a search did not come up with it.  Basically, it points out key issues and I support everything it says in it. Well said Dr. Macnemera...
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    What Other Nationalities Can Join?

    http://www.forces.ca/en/page/doyouqualify-105 Unfortunately, that is the answer. 
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    Funny Pix & Video Thread

    I don't know what's more amusing... Steve Harvey's reaction, or the survey answers.
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    Ontario Election

    Everyone has the same say.  Everybody (eligible) gets one vote. Every vote is counted. The above is the attitude of the other 51.8% of the population that did not come out to exercise their voice. Maybe there would have been a far different outcome if they didn't share that belief.  I can't...
  8. cn

    DEO Interview Process

    No games or tricks, right from the forces.ca website: http://www.forces.ca/en/page/theapplicationprocess-106#step5-5
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    Ontario Election

    City News Toronto is saying the same...
  10. cn

    Army.ca Status- The History of Outages & Dark Days

    Couldn't say how long, I tried to get on for about five minutes.  When I was unable to I went for a run / workout and when I returned ~an hour later I got on no problem... So it wasn't just me, thanks!
  11. cn

    Army.ca Status- The History of Outages & Dark Days

    Was there a server problem this morning? I was unable to get on the site about an hour ago and was just wondering if it was a problem on my end or not...
  12. cn

    Apple says its iconic founder, Steve Jobs, has died

    As I type this on my iPad, I'm thankful for the contributions he has made to our world's technology.  He was truly a visionary in his own rite.  Though I'm sure he will be missed and mourned by some, I doubt Apple will suffer.
  13. cn

    Wearing of full size multiple medals on uniform

    If you count the Order of Canada around his neck, it appears to be 16. Edit: 17, one more around his neck I can't quite make out.
  14. cn

    Ottawa Paramedic Chief VSA Save

    Ahh, thanks.  That makes more sense, even if no shocks were delivered. 
  15. cn

    Ottawa Paramedic Chief VSA Save

    This makes me curious as to why one wasn't utilized by the chief. Chances of survival go down approximately 10% for each minute CPR is not performed when needed, so she had a better chance of being saved considering there was a paramedic in the same room.  Still not an easy task, kudos well...
  16. cn

    Ottawa Paramedic Chief VSA Save

    I couldn't help but notice that there was no mention, and upon closer inspection of the picture in the article that an SAED or AED was not applied to the patient.  I was under the impression most government buildings had them?
  17. cn

    Vacation time the first few years

    No problem. Just some words of caution, in the NCM-SEP handbook, time allotted during the summer is 15-17 days leave, with 3-4 days leave allotted for Christmas break.  Also, you will be using leave days if you are gone from the geographical area of your school during reading week. I'm just...
  18. cn

    Vacation time the first few years

    Yes, you are still entitled to your vacation time as long as it does not conflict with your training or school obligations. 
  19. cn

    Ottawa Paramedic Chief VSA Save

    :salute: BZ to the HCol, and also to Dr. Levy!
  20. cn

    A campaign against child obesity! Finally! http://activeforlife.ca/

    "keep fit and have fun"  ;D They are still around I think, I saw one not too long ago (as in the last month or two)