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    Justin Trudeau - Timelines

    Sorry didn't mean trolling, that's what I get for posting while watching a 4year old and 11month old, I was telling the older one she was being a troll while typing and I apparently can't do two things at once tonight. What I was trying to get at is you are asking loaded hypothetical opinion...
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    Fire-based EMS

    Yeah, as I stated in the last sentence. Sorry didn't read any of the links, was just responding to earlier where pbi had mentioned that there were 2 cities that were doing this and was just mentioning that there were at least 3.
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    Fire-based EMS

    Red Deer Alberta currently has fire-medics and from what I have heard it is very practical and convenient as it means there are always extra bodies available at the scene, they are all trained the same of course. With Alberta Health Services apparently taking over all ambulance service that will...
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    Do reserve units allow rental of mess / drill hall for private events?

    I am the NCO IC of our Armouries and I can tell you that they do that as we are not in the business of catering events and are not to be competitive with places  that are.  But obviously since they allow it they are not against it, we just have to charge more then most venues of the same size. ...
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    Joining UK Armed Forces

    And if that thread doesn't work I am sure that the British Armed Forces has a recruiting website with a method for you to ask them, I am sure they would know....
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    What is subj mbr?

    Look at the subject of the email, was there a name in it?  If so you likely need to talk to that person...
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    AAB 2012 sign of things to come

    I know it's my own fault and all but I am having troubles with the chart of how they envision the pres units being set up,  haven't been keeping upon tac signs and refreshing myself, is there a link to some where with current tac signs?
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    Wearing Uniform in Public (merged)

    Jr, you had best go sit in a corner and take a time out before you dig that hole any deeper.  And while your there given your life choices a second thought, maybe signing on the dotted line wasn't the best choice you have made, ya just don't seem to be cut out for it....  Try the boy Scouts...
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    Red Bull Stratos Jump - 14 Oct 2012

    Sportsnet is broadcasting live, he just broke the world record for highest manned balloon flight, at something around 113000 feet.
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    "Do you carry a pocketknife? "

    The only time I don't is when I am sleeping.  Also was the Gerber tool for smashing windows and Cutting seat belts that we were issued recently issued forces wide or was it just a local thing.  Here is a link to it on the Gerber site: http://www.gerbergear.com/Military/Knives/Strap-Cutter_30-000364
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    Class A over 16 days a month, Class A over 80 days a year

    Normally yes, but not when it is a weekend course...
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    Class A over 16 days a month, Class A over 80 days a year

    Have never heard anything like this out west, the first 4 years I was in I probably had almost 200-250 class A days a year, between working at the unit, exercises, doing GD for course, or even taking courses....  Maybe it's an  east thing, maybe it something not followed out here...
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    kit storage

    You should be able to fit all the kit you got less the MOB box (big brown box) in your locker at the armouries, most of the guys in the unit keep everything except rain jackets and/or combat jackets and combats in their locker that way you are always ready for what ever surprise training may...
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    10 Field Battery- 56FD Regiment.

    Gee, he sure seemed to ignore that didn't he????
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    The "MOVE OVER" Law

    Pretty said that governments have to waist time, energy, and resources drafting and passing laws for stuff like this that for the majority of us is common sense but for a few is an concept that seems to be as hard to grasp as rocket science....
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    RCMP getting new APCs

    Saw one headed east oh Highway 16 between Lloyd and Vermillion a couple days ago,  supervisor thought it was a brinks style armored car... As does the EPS and RCMP if I remember correctly...
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    'Spy' Coin Mystery Solved

    Hahaha,  so much for the fancy news app I just got then....  Feel free to junk this then.....
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    'Spy' Coin Mystery Solved

    http://www.thestar.com/news/article/211189--u-s-feared-poppy-quarter WASHINGTON – An odd-looking Canadian coin with a bright red flower was the culprit behind the U.S. Defence Department's false espionage warning earlier this year, the Associated Press has learned. The odd-looking – but...
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    The CF After Afghanistan - Missions, Roles & Capabilities

    Likely if the Liberals are in power (Yuk) they will sell all this nice kit we have got and are getting and invest in a lot of Blue Berets and greeting cards in foreign languages beacause after all we are just the Liberal Parties "Peacekeeping Force" right??
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    So there I was.......

    ...alas it was flashes out light from 155 illum rounds, guiding our way to...