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  1. kincanucks

    pay cycle

    You are paid twice a month, the 15th and the 30th or 31st.
  2. kincanucks

    DEO Interview Process

    Regardless of the occupation being applied for, the questions are usually the same.  For example: Interviewer - "So tell me about being a <blank> in the CF?" or "What makes you a suitable applicant for <blank>?".  Seriously, being interviewed for the CF is not rocket science.
  3. kincanucks

    The "Nursing Officer" Merged Thread

    To qualify for direct entry as a Nursing Officer, you must be a graduate of a Bachelor’s degree program in nursing at an accredited university and be licensed to practice as a Registered Nurse in a province or territory of Canada.
  4. kincanucks

    Openings to Remuster?

    It has been a while since I was in the business but I believe that you must attend MPAC first and be successful before you are offered a position. Therefore, if you are unsuccessful on MPAC you just remain where you are.
  5. kincanucks

    Questions about updating my file

    I was told during the process I couldn't make any updates to my file as this would give me an unfair advantage over other applicants. First time I have ever heard of that.  I thought that was the whole point.  Next time you sit down with the recruiter tell them every thing that you have been...
  6. kincanucks


    A particular event?  Interesting way to describe the Afghan combat operation that went on for nearly 10 years.  Why not have a get together for those that served in that theatre of operation so others can show their appreciation to those who served in that *******?  Just because some didn't get...
  7. kincanucks

    Where's the Last Canadian Flag Flown over Camp Nathan Smith?

    Last flown at CNS on the 22nd of June 2011.  A fitting parade to remember those that had served and died there was held at that time. The parade was well represented by Canadians, Americans, and Afghans. My last parade command in Afghanistan.
  8. kincanucks

    Can my family move in with me during NETP and beyond?

    Hi all, I know that this question is probably asked and answered many times but I am going to ask again since this is quite important to me. Since I am on vacation and not in the sandbox, I couldn't resist a comment here.  A common theme amongst new posters.  "Yes I know the the information is...
  9. kincanucks

    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    The score is the same for Artillery as it is for Infantry.  Also, I know this has been asked a million times Then why don't you read the extensive CFAT tread?  If all the recruiter told you is that you failed then I would hazard a guess you did very bad and didn't qualify for any trade.  So you...
  10. kincanucks

    NHL Playoffs @ BMQ

    I was going to say something about your stupid question but since you are a Canucks fan, excellent question and I hope you get to see the Canucks kick butt on their way to the cup.  Trying being a Canucks fan in the sandbox.  Cheers
  11. kincanucks

    WHEN IS the next Naval Officer Assessment Board (NOAB) ?

    And what has your CFRC told you?
  12. kincanucks

    CF position on poor academic history.

    Well thank you ekpiper for your sage advice and counsel.  I don't know how I made this far without it.  Cheers. Truthseeker - if I have offended you in anyway with my rather harsh response on your search for answers, please accept my humblest apologies.  Please take your case to the nearest...
  13. kincanucks

    Education Requirements to become a MP or MPO

    Based on many years as a recruiter I have never seen an applicant CT or otherwise for MP accepted without a diploma in Police Foundations or relevant experience.  I am not even sure that you meet the educational requirement for MPO.  However, your best bet is to check with your local CFRC.  Cheers.
  14. kincanucks

    CF position on poor academic history.

    I am sorry next time I will sugar coat my responses with please and don't worry about it. And take your hmmm and hopefully you know the rest.
  15. kincanucks

    CF position on poor academic history.

    Actually you know nothing about the military as it pertains to how we recruit at least. Go and apply and see what happens.  You are worried based on some BS you picked up somewhere.
  16. kincanucks

    Construction Engineering Officer

    Do we still do PT every morning? Are there scheduled hours? Nope no PT or scheduled hours.  As an officer you allowed to get really fat and you only work when you want to work.
  17. kincanucks

    Soldier Body Armour - FPV, BRP, shoulder pads & throat protectors (Merged Thread)

    I agree with you with regards to the throat protector since it is damn near impossible to get it in the right position to actually provide any protection.  The shoulders are absolutely necessary and while they caused frustration when putting on your tac vest they do provide added protection.  I...
  18. kincanucks

    the new way the Taliban will fight

    Is this a history lesson or some sort of prediction?  Because there is no evidence of this on the ground today, at least where I am at.  Quoting articles 3 years old doesn't help either.
  19. kincanucks

    Counterinsurgency/COIN Literature & Discussion (merged)

    And with the New Year a new crop has begun to grow.  Jesus wept!
  20. kincanucks

    RMC/ROTP Application help

    As indicated above you need to contact a CFRC. I seem to remember that CFRC Ottawa is the contact for all out of country applications for Canadian citizens.