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  1. runormal

    Police raid Indian call-centres linked to 'CRA phone scam'

    I generally don't pick up the phone if I don't know the number. The only time this would change is if I'm expecting a call (applying to a job).
  2. runormal

    Voluntary Release (VR) from Reserve - anytime [Merged]

    It was more logistics, the close unit was an hour away. I didn't really realize that it was even an option.
  3. runormal

    Voluntary Release (VR) from Reserve - anytime [Merged]

    That's sort of how the real world works though. I get assignments/requests from my boss all the time that have very quick turn arounds. I'm constantly reprioritizing my assigned work and I'm always looking several weeks ahead to "what really needs to do be done and what else could interfer with...
  4. runormal

    Voluntary Release (VR) from Reserve - anytime [Merged]

    The thing is, they don't want him or anyone to quit (unless they truly don't want to be there). Your son has taken up a spot on a course that could have went to someone else. They generally will go through several levels of approval (section commander -> Course WO -> Course Officer) to find what...
  5. runormal

    Non-Effective Strength (NES): Minimum Attendance

    What exactly is the definition of "lawful excuse". It seems quite vague, so I'm assuming many things could you get out of it i.e (previously paid travel expenses, family issues, day job issues). Roughly how long would it even take with all of the prep work and the trial itself? Since the member...
  6. runormal

    Non-Effective Strength (NES): Minimum Attendance

    Slight tangent, but does the units funding change if people on CLS B show up for "ClS A work" (i.e parades, excercise). Etc.
  7. runormal

    Voluntary Release (VR) from Reserve - anytime [Merged]

    Lots of people do the ED & T and never come back. I wouldn't worry about doing that, you can ask your clerks just be sure, but none of my peers who have done that have stated any repercussions. I've heard that the limit is 2X 3 month blocks, but I have no idea if this is a "unit policy" or the...
  8. runormal

    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    I guess, I assumed that neatly trimmed meant that the beard itself would be neatly trimmed/styled. In my opinion, this would require one to keep the cheeks/cheeks shaven. Otherwise, it wouldn't look neat.
  9. runormal

    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    As far as I understand the policy, you need to clean up the neck and cheeks every day, even if you have the beard or are in the process of growing it.  So doesn't that itself close the loophole around anyone saying that "they are now growing a beard", even if they have no intention of doing so?.
  10. runormal

    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    I guess a large part of this is that i'm a reservist. It's not impacting my general day to day life, which is probably causing a bit of disconnect to the actual issue that some personel are facing. My hope, is that by the time my 30 day window "ticks" that my COC has "un-fucked" themselves. I...
  11. runormal

    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    Why pick an unnecessary fight? I agree that it is flat out ridiculous, but IMO it's not worth fighting about. They wanted an email and a memo. I asked a friend for their memo and changed their name to my name.
  12. runormal

    New Army Dress regulations unveiled

    Well really both badges should exist in both forms. We need a high vis for Garrison and a low vis for field work;).
  13. runormal

    New Army Dress regulations unveiled

    If only we could procure radios and trucks at such speeds. Oh well, at least I can grow a beard.
  14. runormal

    Questions about joining the Reserves

    If you don't want to deploy, you really don't need to worry about it, they'll be people fighting for the few deployment spots that the unit/brigade spot gets. You might want to question why you joined though. As a CLS A (part time), you can refuse and not show up to whatever training you want...
  15. runormal

    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    Really depends on the specifics of the given competition list. Hypothetically, lets say that they have 20 spots. If you are rank 21/20 and everyone above you accepts their offer, then you won't get an offer. However, if 1 person declines then you would. Likewise, if you they have 20 spots and...
  16. runormal

    RCAF aircrew shortage

    100% disagree. If my employer made me wait a year to do the training that I signed up for, I'd start looking elsewhere and very quickly. Especially as DE candidate, who knows nothing about the CF. I had to wait 2 weeks for training for training at my civy job when I got out of University. All I...
  17. runormal

    Pay - Reserve BMQ

    Unless the claim process has changed, he'll need to bring his route letter back to his unit, in ordered to actually be paid the TD. You don't get paid it until you return (unless you ask for an advance).
  18. runormal

    Reserve initial kit issue ( merged )

    Our unit provides transportation from the unit to clothing stores. That being said, every unit is different. Personally, you are getting paid a half days pay for showing up. I'd use some of that money and pay for a cab ride home. The kitting will take some time as you'll need to be fitted for...
  19. runormal

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    I'd book your aircrew medical yourself, so that you know that you know that you actually meet the requirements. I enrolled as a V3, did the medical and found out that now I'm a V4. That stopped my application pretty quickly. Contact your CDU directly, I got no grief even as a CLS A reservist.
  20. runormal

    Made a mistake. I need your opinion

    Don't go reserves if you want full time work. The reserves are hurting for people, so I'm not surprised how responsive your recruiter was. There are opportunities for full time work within the reserves, but your pretty useless (not employable) to everyone until you get fully qualified which...