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  1. RCR Grunt

    Women in U.S. infantry (USMC, Rangers, etc. - merged)

    Sweet Jesus. Its infantryman.  Not infanteer.  That's a silly, made up word that conjures up images of professional babies (infants) in my mind. Infantryman. Infantryman. Infantryman. Please, think of the children.
  2. RCR Grunt

    Refueling: Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle - RG-31 and LAV Coyote Replacement

    1 RCR used an HLVW as a can truck last November.  Solution to environmental hazard due to leaky jerrys: put the spill berm (much like the one NFLD Sapper showed pics of, but smaller) INSIDE the cargo bed, fill with  fuel cans. 
  3. RCR Grunt

    What have you won thus far in the Roll Up the Rim?

    I'm batting .666 this year with 2 coffees.
  4. RCR Grunt

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

    Looks like another contender for the CF-18 replacement program.  I wonder how it'll hold up against the Super Arrow.
  5. RCR Grunt

    C6 ejection system

    Is there something wrong with ejecting out of the bottom?  Would ejecting out of the side make any kind of real difference? Personally I don't see what the issue is.  Belt in the left, link out the right, brass out the bottom, bullets out the front... seems legit.
  6. RCR Grunt

    New ballistic eyewear

    I'm going to echo this if only to put this rumor to rest. I've personally made the calls to both agencies: VAC covers your injuries in a special duty area and while on duty in Canada.  They don't care if you are wearing all your PPE in a blue rocket, on a fighting patrol in the in a pink tu-tu...
  7. RCR Grunt


    My promotion to private with a hook... Me: CQ, do you have any blank slip on's for my rain jacket? CQ: How effing long have you been here?! Me: I dunno CQ, bout a year and a half I guess. CQ: Here's one with a hook, now get the eff out of my stores!!! I'm quite certain the RSM had no knowledge...
  8. RCR Grunt

    RCMP pwns Newspaper Editor

    That's because he used the term "pint."  See this quote from the article he wrote.  It's towards the end: "No one condones drunk driving either, but that’s not the point. I wouldn’t be writing or expecting any sympathy if I was caught drunk driving. But I didn’t know going for a meal and having...
  9. RCR Grunt

    Marine Corps probe video showing troops "urinating on dead Taliban"

    Can you reword this with less snark so I can properly reply?  Thanks in advance.
  10. RCR Grunt

    Marine Corps probe video showing troops "urinating on dead Taliban"

    ... I thought that was a part of "win hearts and minds?"  Building schools and wells is only a part, kicking ass and showing the locals who's the boss is another major part, almost more important than the softer side IMO.
  11. RCR Grunt

    The Public Affairs "Action Figure"

    I'd just like to point out that he is not wearing issued kit.
  12. RCR Grunt

    LAVborne T shirts

    He's very aware.
  13. RCR Grunt

    Changes or Cancelation of LDA coming?

    Funny... Last month I got this in an O Group: "From the Commander of the Army:  LDA will remain as it is now with no changes in the foreseeable future." Now maybe that only applies to where I currently work, but by looking at your profile I suspect we work in similar circles.  Maybe there are...
  14. RCR Grunt

    iOS 5

    Try looking through these.
  15. RCR Grunt

    iOS 5

    Remember, Google is your friend.
  16. RCR Grunt

    iOS 5

    Create a calendar event and the option of "invitees" appears, you can invite people there.  *Disclaimer:  Only works if you have the invitees AppleiD email address.
  17. RCR Grunt

    This Might Be a New One- Polydactyl- 12 Fingers and Toes

    Well don't expect it to be "cool" like Hex... Expect a childish or simple nick name.  One that has to do with some short form of your last name or a crude reference to your extra appendages.  Off the top of my head... Pinky.
  18. RCR Grunt

    iOS 5

    Thanks for the link. All the articles regarding iOS 5 issues seem to be minor, most are typical iOS update errors that can occur to anyone during any update, even a very minor one.  I myself had issues over the summer with an update that "bricked" my phone... Until the wife fired up the Google...
  19. RCR Grunt

    iOS 5

    Links please.  This has me somewhat concerned.