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  1. Inspir

    Best trade for advancing in ranks

    Usually the combat arms trades (i.e. infantry) progress at a more accelerated rate than other trades. However, promotions are merit based after Captain. And as there are "Corporals for Life", the same can also be said for Captains.
  2. Inspir

    All Things CF Firefighter (merged)

    My old Fire Chief was a retired WO with the CF as a firefighter. He confirms that the training received in the CF is second to none. A lot of guys who end up retiring usually land a gig as a Fire Chief civilian side with ease.
  3. Inspir

    Vision Questions Megathread, Categories, Problems etc.

    V4 https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/corporate/policies-standards/medical-standards-military-occupations/medical-category-system/instructions-for-testing-visual-acuity.html
  4. Inspir

    Space Force Uniform Revealed

    Figured they would have gone black coveralls with glitter thrown on.
  5. Inspir

    Wanted Officer but for NCM

    1. You could but you would still need the proper CFAT score for officer. 2. No, this is for NCM’s wanting to move to Officers spots. And you would still need the proper CFAT score to do so. 3. You would be a no-hook Private. 4. After a few years usually. —————— 1. Usually you can retake...
  6. Inspir

    Are MP’s (Military Police) allowed to come in messes without work related reason

    This is the most asinine thread I’ve seen on here in a while. Are you sure you didn’t mean to post this on Cop Block?
  7. Inspir

    Special forces looks at recruiting off the street amid shifting demands

    They might get more applicants but will they actually get more recruits. Selection is not exactly a walk in the park. US Army does it, wonder what there success has been with it?
  8. Inspir

    Joining The Infantry

    English (or French) Language Arts and Mathmatics. More so to score an outstanding aptitude test score, that way you can qualify for infantry. And if down the road you want to switch trades you can switch to any trade you want.
  9. Inspir

    Here’s What To Do If A Border Guard Wants To Search Your Phone

    I wonder how that works with two factor authentication. I can't even log into my work laptop or cellphone unless I have a physical security key on my person.
  10. Inspir

    RIMPAC has Begun

    Singapore ship RSS Tenacious. Formidable-class multi-role stealth frigate.
  11. Inspir

    How to choose?

    Take a career placement test online. Cross reference the results with jobs available in the military. Choose the one that interests you the most.
  12. Inspir

    Questions about joining the Reserves

  13. Inspir

    Are There Reserved Parking Spaces on Canadian Bases ?

    1 PPCLI has (or at least had) “Wounded Warrior” reserved parking stalls right in front on the building next to the CO and RSM parking. I thought it was a great initiative.
  14. Inspir

    Reserve Friendly Jobs

    Government jobs for the most part.
  15. Inspir

    Marine Technician ( MARTECH )

    https://tradesecrets.alberta.ca/sources/pdfs/forms/military_trades.pdf The old Marine Engineering Technician QL5 used to qualify for your Millwright and Machinist Red Seal tickets. Would be disappointing to see this lost...
  16. Inspir

    Combat Engineers

    If you want Edmonton just put Edmonton.
  17. Inspir

    Artillery - Officer and NCM

    Didn’t necessarily want to start a new thread. But noticed today that it appears the CAF has changed the previous title of Artillery Soldier to Gunner. BZ https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/services/caf-jobs/career-options/fields-work/combat-specialists/gunner.html
  18. Inspir

    Wearing of non recognized medals in EMS

    Pretty much our HQ staff when they show up for public events and ceremonies
  19. Inspir

    Wearing of non recognized medals in EMS

    Diamond Jubilee Medal