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  1. Sythen

    VRAB Entitlement Reviews

    After a favourable hearing, the file is sent back to VAC to handle payments. Should be reasonably quick from there, but I don't know the exact time frames.
  2. Sythen

    Battle of Trafalgar... Time to move on?

    That was super interesting, thanks for posting!
  3. Sythen

    Hyena Road

    It's definitely worth a watch, sorry if I came across saying otherwise. If anyone gets the chance, watch it no question.
  4. Sythen

    Hyena Road

    I went to the premier here in Ottawa a couple weeks ago. It's a decent movie, but I found the narration was cringy in some spots. It came across as trying too hard to be poetic and deep, but all it sounded was cliche. The video, and some of the narration was really good. Basically when he talked...
  5. Sythen

    Military Service on your Resume

    That's an excellent idea, thanks!
  6. Sythen

    Military Service on your Resume

    That is perfect, thank you! When I googled military skills translator I got a lot of American sites and I don't know what a Cpl is equivalent to in their numbering system.
  7. Sythen

    Military Service on your Resume

    Bumping a necrothread cause it's the only one I can find that kinda/sorta discusses what my questions are about. I need help with my resume, and figured there are tons of guys on here that have applied for jobs after getting out. I am finishing college very soon, and this will be the first...
  8. Sythen

    Access to Profile from Home page?

    What I've always done is if you scroll down slightly, on the left hand side where it lists Online Users, just click your name in there.
  9. Sythen

    NDP & Liebrals Leak Confidential Documents

    I also like to attack the messenger instead of the message.
  10. Sythen

    Funny Pix & Video Thread

    I'm sure this has been posted here before, but it made me laugh! Pentagon Wars: Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
  11. Sythen

    As of One Minute Ago, I am Now Retired

    Is my early morning math way off, or is that almost 45 years? Either way, enjoy your retirement! You've definitely earned it!
  12. Sythen

    Quick question about Remembrance Day

    Thanks for the reply! Wasn't worried about being called a Walt, just didn't want to be the only guy there in jeans and a beret lol
  13. Sythen

    Quick question about Remembrance Day

    I've never gone to a ceremony outside of uniform, as the crowds really bothered me. This year, due to events, I want to attend the ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. I know its ok to just put your medals on your jacket, etc.. My question is, do people wear their berets? I've heard...
  14. Sythen

    Is PT done every morning at BMQ?

    Things might have changed, but when I did BMQ (in 2006, so not long ago really) PT started after the physical fitness test.. So day.. 2? or 3? And it happens every morning, except when you are in the field. Evening PT happens if you piss off your instructors. You will be running a lot. And when...
  15. Sythen

    Training after knee surgery (Meniscus tears)

    I required a scope on my knee for a meniscus tear in.. I want to say 2002. I had no complications from mine, and recovered fully within a couple months. Joined the military in 2006, and spent 5 years as an Infantryman. I did fine, when it came to my knee, but with all your complications and such...
  16. Sythen

    Canadian Military Memorials in Europe.

    This is perfect, thank you!
  17. Sythen

    Canadian Military Memorials in Europe.

    I am planning a Europtrip, with the intention of visiting all the Canadian military memorials in the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany. I could use a little help with the planning stage. My googlefu is very weak. According to Wikipedia there are 4 Canadian memorials in the UK...
  18. Sythen

    Africa in Crisis- The Merged Superthread

    Congo and the General More on link. It seems someone in a position to make a change is realising spending over $1 billion a year with no noticeable improvements is not sustainable. I wonder if this new policy will be effective, or if as soon as casualties happen if they will be back to hiding...
  19. Sythen

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Hey, I resemble that remark!
  20. Sythen

    The 10 year old boy who called in the Marines

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6mZhly5tMU Just a funny little story from the UK that I thought others might enjoy.