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  1. PanaEng

    Manuel Noriega aka Pineapple Face dead at 83

    Good riddance
  2. PanaEng


    Here is evidence on the dangers of having your own devices in operations; it's related to android devices but there are similar exploits for other OSs (feel free to move to wherever it is more appropriate): http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/report-russia-hack-ukraine-1.3908398
  3. PanaEng

    Introducing BattlePro for Android

    Here is evidence on the dangers of having your own devices in operations; it's related to android devices but there are similar exploits for other OSs (Posted it to the http://army.ca/forums/threads/119588/post-1469267.html#msg1469267 - delete this one if appropriate)...
  4. PanaEng

    Politics in 2016

    Meh, I would donate money for the one that he used to kick Brazeau's butt. lol
  5. PanaEng

    Expedited Reserve Enrollment (ERE) process [Merged]

    That may just make sense; as an alternate delivery enterprise - maybe even composed, partly, of former members. Another aspect that makes the Eng units in the reserves suffer in terms of recruiting and retention is the suffocating control that the school holds on trade level courses. For us and...
  6. PanaEng

    All Things Cuba (Castro, politics, etc.)

    I'm sure also in some places in Cuba - probably very quietly as the neighbourhood goons are still on watch...
  7. PanaEng

    Australian navy's hunt for new sub to replace Collins class

    Hate to reply to an off-topic comment but let me fix something for you: all those things you mention could have been bought/committed to by the previous gov ( the conservatives, since memory seems to be hard thing to come by), they had a majority and could have fixed the procurement process. But...
  8. PanaEng

    Three Humvees Totaled During Airdrop

    Should be; otherwise, you have to go looking all over for jerry-cans while the enemy has time to react. Ref the question about what drops first: equipment then troops. I've been 1st, starboard, when dropping a grader... amazing how quickly it goes out once released
  9. PanaEng

    Russia in the 21st Century [Superthread]

    Here is an interesting article. The activities in Syria and elsewhere are just peripheral to their main effort: Ukraine http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnmauldin/2016/02/26/10-maps-that-explain-russias-strategy/#45b1e70d6c82
  10. PanaEng

    Future Canadian Airborne Capability and Organisation! Or, is it Redundant? (a merged thread)

    As a Sapper/Cpl with the AB BG in the late 80s I can attest that it was really hard to maintain the required occupational trg and the para/interoperability trg. A rotation will further weaken the overall readiness of the whole as you lose continuity, as you said, and synergy/lessons learned to...
  11. PanaEng

    Future Canadian Airborne Capability and Organisation! Or, is it Redundant? (a merged thread)

    Maybe this should be in one of the other thread mentioned by Journeyman: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ops/airborne-jumps.htm the French also have done some in Africa as well as the Brits...
  12. PanaEng

    Airborne Engineers & Combat Engineer Parachutists

    some have said that "engineers without their equipment are just poorly trained infantry"; however; I've seldom come across a problem where some properly placed explosives won't solve it or make it irrelevant. In all seriousness, there are many tasks where the equipment dropped at one location...
  13. PanaEng

    PMJT: The First 100 Days

    exactly, some ppl read what they want to hear and some then get unrealistic expectations which, regardless of political affiliation, are never met... every time. But I am a "glass half full" guy so I'm optimist that 'somethin' positive will get done before it's time to kick this crowd out  ;D
  14. PanaEng

    Airborne Engineers & Combat Engineer Parachutists

    Pigs in space is quite appropriate; All the airborne engineers referred to themselves as airborne thumperheads and had badges and shirts with this logo...
  15. PanaEng

    MP Special Reaction Team / SWAT?

    What ppl post on their profile is pretty irrelevant as you can probably post whatever you want. If you don't agree with what someone post, argue your position with logic and not attacking their supposed "credibility" - as far as I am concerned everyone has the same credibility to me until I...
  16. PanaEng

    Two U.S. Navy boats in Iranian custody but crew will be returned ‘promptly’

    GI Jane?? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119173/  ahead of it's time...
  17. PanaEng

    Combat Engineers

    Sure, there's tons of them around in Gagetown. Not sure if online here :-) Check the boards here and at "The Combat Arms"; lots of articles with good info and comparisons with other arms. Or post some specific questions; One or many of us will answer (specially if you bait them with a stupid...
  18. PanaEng

    Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    Meh, SME? whatever, not much more than our guys. They are pretty good and lots of experience but Angola and Zimbabwe are as different from Mali and Nigeria as Afghanistan is to Honduras. The real difference is ROE.
  19. PanaEng

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    Best quote of the day!! have a leftover halloween smarty  :nod:
  20. PanaEng

    Canada's New, Liberal, Defence Policy

    you (and many others here) forget to acknowledge the restrictive compensation schedule we work under. At the moment, how do you retain a good medical doctor or lawyer? rank inflation (until the pay scales catch up)