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  1. BC Old Guy

    Whats the difference between AVOTP and LOTP ?

    Its been a long time - but if I remember correctly: AVOTP - Annual Voluntary Occupational Transfer Program - provides an opportunity for individuals to change occupations. Limited by the requirements of the loosing Occupation (trying to maintain the occupation's capabilities by not loosing too...
  2. BC Old Guy

    Independent Battery

    By definition and doctrine, 2 Svc Bn is 2n line. The Independent Sqn/Bty would not have to work through the Regiment/Bn logistics system, but go directly to the 2nd Line sp unit.
  3. BC Old Guy

    How does the cra disability tax credit work ?

    To get the Disability Tax Credit you complete the identification portion on the first page of the Canada Revenue Agency's form. If your income is lower, you should indicate who the Credit can be transferred to - often a spouse, parent or sibling that is providing care. You should also tick the...
  4. BC Old Guy

    America Has a GPS Problem

    Silva Ranger compass and a map.
  5. BC Old Guy


    Assuming you are pulling info off the T4, the Pension Adjustment should not affect your taxes - it affects how much you can put into an RRSP. Drop me a PM if you want to discuss further. BCOG
  6. BC Old Guy

    Infantry Officer vs Engineer Officer

    Both Inf O and Cbt Engr O are hands on, and have similar experiences.  The Tasks vary - Cbt Engr O junior officers are more likely to be detached to develop mobility/counter-mobility tasks, physically separated from their chain of command.  The Cbt Engr O's subordinates are also more likely to...
  7. BC Old Guy

    Former U.S. military service

    In response to paulc87, I've not seen previous allied/US military service hinder enrollment.  My experience is from the other side of the coin - as a recruiter and a Reserve Unit leader. Also, my experience is somewhat dated, but having followed the conversations on this site, the more things...
  8. BC Old Guy

    Unit PT - Best Practices

    I don't know if these are best practices, but are some that I thought were helpful in the (distant) past. -If there is an individual PT day as part of the Unit/Coy PT plan, the effects will be better if the individuals provide their own plan, to be reviewed by the leadership, with a view to...
  9. BC Old Guy

    Enhanced Reliability Check (ERC) - Merged

    There is also a reference check made - and typically would include verification of employment as well as an interview with your references. BCOG
  10. BC Old Guy

    Am I too old, unfit or uncertain?

    Sorry - the data-set is too small to generalize.  I provided those examples as just that - examples of what could be done.  One has since left the unit, the other is a major.  Could the one that left the unit have been as successful as the one who is now a major - probably.  Life's circumstances...
  11. BC Old Guy

    Am I too old, unfit or uncertain?

    From Technoviking's 2011 post - "The field phase is intense.  If you think that you cannot bear to carry upwards of 60 pounds in all weather, day and night, for hours at a time, and then complete complex mental tasks with little sleep or food,"         During classroom training, the candidates...
  12. BC Old Guy

    Am I too old, unfit or uncertain?

    Infantry officer training is very physically demanding, with only 50% completing the training.  The best description is the posting by Technoviking in 2011 - https://army.ca/forums/threads/99437/post-1018867.html#msg1018867 I had a 50-year old Officer Cadet (OCdt) (Reserves) attend the...
  13. BC Old Guy

    Auditor General Suggests RMC Not Working

    RESO was implemented as a replacement for the previous Canadian University Officer Training Corp (COTC) at various universities.  1.  The concept of establishing a COTC type of training has been discussed in at least 2 articles: a. Spring 2004  - An Officer Training Corps for Canada - ...
  14. BC Old Guy

    Occupational and Component Transfers (OT/CT/VOT) During and After BMQ (Merged)

    The issues will be : -What trade /occupation will you be able to transfer into? Does the other unit offer this trade? - Depends on the results of your testing at the CFRC, and your medical.  Some require specific results (eg - Colour Vision - because much of what some trades do are colour coded...
  15. BC Old Guy

    CAF Reserves - Prince Rupert, BC

    JBJester: Prince Rupert is a little small, and isolated, so there isn't a local Reserve unit.  I've just searched the web (you're welcome), and the only elements that are close by (sorta) are some Ranger Patrols.  These are normally community based, so may be difficult to join if you are in...
  16. BC Old Guy

    Reserve artillery terminology.

    FJAG - Thanks for the succinct and complete detail of how the Artillery organizes itself.  I've been aware of some of this from previous experience/discussions/Arty friends.  You've made the development of the current Artillery much more understandable. BCOG
  17. BC Old Guy

    ROTP at Civilian University 2004 - 2018 [Merged]

    Some schools have a leadership club.  Otherwise, just get out and volunteer - show initiative, be leader on a sports team, a club, student government. Check out Rotary - some communities have a Junior branch. Other community service organizations may have the same.   Find something in the...
  18. BC Old Guy

    A Rifle Company Commander's Notes

    A good set of guidelines.  Reminds me of the better company commanders I've worked for and with.  Applicable, on the whole, to leading anywhere in the military.
  19. BC Old Guy

    ADHD, ADD, and why we can't get in rants......

    Yes - challenge the decision.  But rather than just repeating what you have gone through, make arrangements with the Recruiting Medical section through or at the Recruiting Centre.  The issue is that many civilian doctors do not provide the detail, nor do they answer the specific questions the...
  20. BC Old Guy

    Common Law Marriage in the Canadian Forces - Mega Thread

    The rules may have changed since I retired.  The reason to be married or common-law before BMOQ//BMQ was if you are married you would qualify for a cost move of spouse and dependents.  Of course, then you have to be authorized for the move.  If married after enrollment, you would be responsible...