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    Reserve BMQ Times

    you will be required to be formed up by 1930 Friday evenings. i suggest showing up well before then; maybe 1845ish. it will give you time to get changed into your uniform and make sure you're free of threads and scuffs without being in a huge rush.
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    BMQ Reserves 2010 - 2017

    I just completed the first serial of the shortened PRes BMQ-L held in Meaford. There were two of these courses held at the same time, and we both marched out of the same block of weatherhavens for the duration. to clarify, grenades, c6, and m72 have been removed from trg. focus was on tactics...
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    BMQ-L [Merged]

    Hi All, I've done a search, and while there are a couple threads that somewhat allude to this, there doesn't appear to be any difinitive answer to my question. Just wondering how everyone would rate the physical demands of courses post-BMQ. My main concern is what I can expect post-BMQ and...
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    Inserts for Ballistic Eyewear/Mask

    My sect comd told me to bring my Rx to the MIR and they would then give me a chit to get the lens insert from the QM. I'm still waiting to find out if I'm fully covered or if I'll have to pay out of my own pocket for the lenses because I'm PRes. The way I figure, it only makes sense that I...
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    Reserve BMQ - 15 Nov '13

    our course is 12 weekends long. each course weekend is counted as 2.5 days. it's every other weekend, except over the holiday season when we're on stand down. the three weekends dates before grad weekend are in the field. [edit] forgot to add some details
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    BMQ with a friend

    I can't speak for the recruiting process for reg force, but on my P Res weekend BMQ, there are a couple guys who spoke with their CoC at their home unit and asked to be put in the same course together. Their request was granted, so it is possible. Not terribly sure if this is typical though.
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    Fitness for Operational Requirements of CAF Employment ( FORCE )

    i'll be taking my FORCE evaluation on the 28th of this month. if the standards are any different than what's been posted, i'll give an update.
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    Reserve BMQ - 15 Nov '13

    will we be allowed to bring a small digital camera to document the fun times?
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    Reserve BMQ - 15 Nov '13

    your course instructions should include a short guideline of what to bring. i'm bringing pt gear, changes of underwear and socks, and basic toiletries. bare minimum. we also need to bring a 500+ word autobiography, our ohip card, and another piece of id.
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    Reserve BMQ - 15 Nov '13

    Is this the BMQ session that was supposed to start on the 18th of October? Myself and two others in my battalion were supposed to be on that course, but 'something' happened, and we start on the 15th of November instead. My section commander got back to me and told me that only our first weekend...
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    Reserve BMQ - 15 Nov '13

    I will contact my section commander or 2IC to see if there is an amended copy of the instructions. I suspect since my copy is dated one month before yours that there may have been changes and I am actually supposed to go to Fort York to be kitted.
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    Reserve BMQ - 15 Nov '13

    i got: The BMQ 1330 course will start on Friday 15 Nov 2013 at 1930 hours (7:30 pm). Candidates must report to the Duty Staff no later than 1930 hours at Moss Park Armoury. This will be the course's primary training location. Candidates are responsible for getting to and from this location for...
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    Reserve BMQ - 15 Nov '13

    really? i was told to report to moss park on the 15th. nothing in my course instructions about going to fort york.
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    Reserve BMQ - 15 Nov '13

    should be interesting. i've got a lot of preparation ahead of me, since my cardio sucks. otherwise, i figure i'll have fun getting yelled at a lot along with you guys and the rest of the recruits :P
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    Reserve BMQ - 15 Nov '13

    Extreme noob here Just wondering if anyone else is starting their weekend reserve BMQ in Toronto on that date as well. Apologies if this topic has been covered before, but what is involved in weekend BMQs? I understand the cumulative duration of the course is roughly one third the time of reg...