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  1. Gunnar

    Questions About Commissioning from the ranks

    If you want to officer, then go be an officer. If you want to be a good officer, then pay attention in leadership classes and watch everything the NCMs do, and listen to everything they say. Yes, an officer who has spent time in ranks will know what the daily grind is like, and what the view...
  2. Gunnar

    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    Sorta like, "you're right, Son, we should respect you as an adult. That's why you're moving out..."
  3. Gunnar

    The answer to our crisis of young men? Boy Scouts

    I would, and have, sent my kids to Cadets. I believe that Scouting has been finished for some time, although individual units may shine. I was a scout, it makes me sad. Yet here we are
  4. Gunnar

    Exercise planning

    PM inbound
  5. Gunnar

    Exercise planning

    Some time ago, I remember reading a plan for planning of exercises/FTX's. Included were things like when to issue the warning order, who to discuss things with in advance, what supplkemental meetings to schedule and with whom, and so on. It mentioned things like "three weeks out have a talk...
  6. Gunnar

    Burglar Beaten With His Own Bat. Victim Charged

    Jury nullification is a thing...
  7. Gunnar

    Canada doesn’t matter to the rest of the world - and it’s our own fault

    Realistically, government money is simply pooling society's resources to achieve things we all agree are a good idea, like police, roads, etc. However, once elected officials can spend other people's money any way they want, and can keep raising the amount they tax, then anything "free" that...
  8. Gunnar

    The Mess

    I understand that back in the day, drinks were significantly cheaper as federal and provincial taxes were not paid thereon. What incentive do I have to hang with my workmates and build camaraderie in an antiquated building for which I am required to pay dues and which charges me standard rates...
  9. Gunnar

    What to wear at enrolment?

    The issue is more about you advertising your cadet service than the fact that you were one. Keeping your head down, helping your buddies (who never did drill before), following instructions intelligently, displaying leadership all while not pretending you know it all because you were in a...
  10. Gunnar

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Then you and I agree. I never was a cadet, but I know I was never an artilleryman. I can see some wiggle-room for certain aspects of tradition as adult representatives of the (cadet) unit, internally, but CIC are not Highlanders, Arty, Infantry....we are instructors.
  11. Gunnar

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    I don't think I agree with you there, at least on the cadet level. On the officer level, I would be glad of more history and traditions tho... In a very real sense cadets are "playing army" to learn real skills and experience. Pointy end army affiliation helps round out the dream, bringing a...
  12. Gunnar

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    On the plus side, CIC of kilted units are no longer authorized highland dress. Kinda makes sense, as we are the instructors cadre, but I would be sad to see the loss of bling...
  13. Gunnar

    Hate gate...the Canadian bogeyman or a real problem?

    Yes, but if one wants a mass of the unthinking public to vote to give you power, especially if you have dumb, unworkable ideas that for which two minutes of sober reflection would be enough to inspire doubt, then ad hominem attacks are absolutely crucial. You gotta get people riled up if you...
  14. Gunnar

    03.2023 until 03.2024

    If your perserverance on this topic in the face of repeated cautions from those with superior experience is indicative of a long term will to succeed, there is a slim chance that you might make it thru, if you can pass the medical. Something to work on might be the acceptance of criticism which...
  15. Gunnar

    Microsoft lays off an ethical AI team as it doubles down on OpenAI

    I run a linux computer. It takes about 9 seconds to boot. It updates when I want it to. I'm no linux guru, I just got tired of my computer telling me what I could and couldn't do, and constantly questioning whether I want to do something. And modern apps which send links to files on your...
  16. Gunnar

    How does the media view the CAF?

    Modern journalism, apart from repeating a biased narrative set by someone else appears to be largely a matter of reprinting or repeating Reuters or AP articles. There is no digging for facts, not even to slot them into a predefined world view. They're like the slow-moving dunderheads working...
  17. Gunnar

    failed my CFAT

    Know yourself. Re-read your resume and re-familiarize yourself with who you are, what you can do, and what you have done as proof. Juste comme n'importe quelle entrevue pour une poste d'ailleurs. Pratique les questions normales - "decrive un temps ou t'as fait...". Saches pourquoi t'es la...
  18. Gunnar

    Over 40 to old?

    It will be different, but not impossible. Have a look on youtube for Basic Up! The second season shows a couple of 40 somethings. Different standards, but still THE standard. You still need to learn, but at your age there is a greater possibility that you have learned to THINK, so your...
  19. Gunnar

    Advice/Am I good enough for RMC?

    If some random guy tells you that you aren’t good enough, are you going to give up? Because if this is important to you, then you have to try. You know you have good marks. You know they could be better (they always can, unless you’re perfect). Do your best, and apply. Let your air cadet...